Black Hand Dryers

Elegant and sophisticated, our black hand dryers come in a variety of enamel and powder-coated stainless steel covers as well as a fantastic polycarbonate black metallic in the Crocodillo and Crocodillo T2 hand dryer range.

Make it visible. For visually impaired people, it is suggested that the hand dryer is not the same colour as the wall on which it is placed. Therefore, a black dryer on a white wall can be a great option in an accessible washroom.

Our Vulcan dryer is a matt black hand dryer which offers an unparalleled sleek design in a truly awesome colourway. Dryers like the Vulcan have a HEPA filter specifically designed to capture nasty air particles, stopping them from being blown around the space.

The Sterillo is unique in its ability to actively kill germs and common odours in the washroom.

Our top 3 best black hand dryers are:

The Vulcan. Our V-shaped blade black hand dryer.

EnViable looks provided by the black finish

The Vulcan is an elegant. With a sweepingly smooth silhouette that billows out around the V-shaped blade nozzle, this model emanates refinement. 

This hand dryer won’t disturb beautiful washroom design schemes. Luxury establishments and trendy hotels find the refined, understated aesthetic a perfect fit for their opulent facilities. 

Available in three stunning contemporary finishes – brushed stainless steel, white or black powder coated – the Vulcan is always dressed for the occasion.

Video Vulcan black hand dryer

Vulcan Black Hand Dryer hand dryer. Drying speed tops out at 230mph.

AdVanced hand-drying technology

The state-of-the-art Vulcan balck hand dryer keeps stray droplets away from well-dressed clientele, making it perfectly suited to restaurants, hotels, offices and commercial environments. 

Sporting a dual-blade V-shaped dryer, it strips wet hands of moisture in 8–10 seconds while directing air away from smart clothes and other body parts.

UnriValed quiet dryer

Awarded with the internationally recognised Quiet Mark by the Noise Abatement Society, the Vulcan operates at just 75 decibels during usage. 

A considerate blade dryer built to preserve peace and quiet, this model combines maximum power with a pioneering quiet design, making it ideally suited to high-end venues and intimate settings. 

EnVironmentally friendly.

With adjustable heating elements and power controls, the Vulcan is a user-friendly and dependable machine. Excellent performance, consuming far less energy than a standard blade dryer.

The Vulcan has a longer life than a standard dryer saveing you money in electricity bills and running costs. Whilst providing a truly exceptional drying experience.

InVisible air cleaning with HEPA technology

The Vulcan’s concealed HEPA filter captures over 99% of bacteria and other particles from the washroom air, before blasting it onto hands. This means that hands are dried with clean, freshly filtered air. Every single time. 

With a touch-free operating mechanism and stylish, easy-wipe cladding, the Vulcan is critically important to ensuring your washroom remains hygienic.

Two-year warranty

The Vulcan hand dryer comes with our seal of quality approval and a two-year warranty, including free parts and labour should you need it repaired within the first year of purchase.