illo by Veltia

illo by Veltia Hand Dryer range


illo by Veltia Hand Dryer range

Veltia has long been recognised as Europes most advanced designer and manufacturer of hand dryers and have now teamed up exclusively with Handy Dryers to produce the illo by Veltia hand dryer. 

The ultimate melding of style and technology to produce a true state-of-the-art hand dryer. The illo by Veltia hand dryer is an innovative and elegant product that is revolutionising the washroom industry and is manufactured in the Europe.

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Features and benefits

  • 66dB, means amazingly quiet and at least HALF the volume of it’s nearest competitor
  • True ECO credentials and able to operate efficiently using only 0.6kW of power per hour and thats about 4,000 hand drying cycles for under £1.00; this amazing feat is achieved by using the heat from it’s own motor to warm the air and therefore requiring no air heater that normally accounts for two thirds of a hand dryers energy consumption.
  • HEPA filter cleans every air particle of 99.9% of the bacteria, mould spores and detritus giving your hands wonderfully clean air to dry in
  • Fragrance and smell deactivating gels available to be used in concert with your illo hand dryer
  • 100% CUSTOMISABLE with easily changeable front covers with unlimited colour options
  • ZEROSMELL: It reduces bad odours with the maximum of efficiency.

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illo by Veltia hand dryer with interchangeable nozzel

What colour will you choose?