TOTO Recessed Hand Dryer

    The concealed hand dryer

    The only recessed hand dryer in the world to collect waste water.

    With touchless technology and an easy-to-clean stainless steel casing, the TOTO TYC604 is attractive and impeccably hygienic, giving the near-clinical sterility expected of a stylish washroom.

  • TOTO TYC324W

    TOTO Drip Tray Hand Dryer

    The splash-prevention hand dryer

    Designed to prevent water droplets contaminating spotless washroom walls and floors, the TOTO TYC324W's integrated 0.7l drip tray is precisely contoured to direct moisture away from the user.

  • TOTO TYC424W

    TOTO Blade Hand Dryer

    The hands-in hand dryer

    With all the pristine minimalism you'd expect, TOTO's enclosed, hands-in TYC424W rises just 186mm from washroom walls.

    At just 58dB, it's the quietest blade hand dryer in the world. Compact, quiet, clean and entirely splash-free.

TOTO Hand Dryer


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  • TOTO hand dryers

    The signature of a truly superior washroom, TOTO hand dryers are developed by one of Japan's most iconic manufacturers.

    Synonymous with cutting-edge bathroom technology for over one hundred years, TOTO's innovative hand dryers are considered some of the most sophisticated in the world. Indeed, TOTO is the first and only washroom supplier to have a museum dedicated to their innovation.

    Europe's most sought-after hand dryer

    Only seen in Europe's most sumptuous establishments, TOTO blade dryers instantly give luxurious washrooms the upper hand.

    The preferred washroom brand of five-star hotels, luxury resorts and elite institutions, TOTO hand dryers are a relative newcomer to the European market – but they're already gracing some of the most enviable addresses in the world.

    Some of the establishments benefiting from TOTO technology include:

    • Claridge's Hotel, London
    • The Louvre Museum, Paris
    • The Hurlingham Club, London
    • Hotel Park Hyatt, Zurich
    • The Komische Oper, Berlin

    Installing a TOTO high speed hand dryer not only adds polish to your bathroom experience, it means yours is one of a highly select group of establishments providing such advanced facilities.

    Sold here exclusively: three revolutionary hand dryers

    Handy Dryers are proud to have been selected as one of TOTO's exclusive UK suppliers, and we're the only supplier in the country to sell all three of TOTO's iconic hand dryers.

  • The highest level of hygiene

    Developed by discerning Japanese engineers, TOTO hand dryers offer an unparalleled level of hygiene control. Each of these blade dryers includes a clever integrated drip tray which is ultra-discreet, and easy to empty, sterilise and re-insert with simple efficiency.

    Touch-free, and finished in either stainless steel or robust polypropylene, TOTO hand dryers are incredibly easy to keep clean.

    The best money can buy

    With their revolutionary design and lightening-fast drying times, TOTO technology has long been regarded in Japan as the pinnacle of washroom design excellence.

    That reputation has already started to earn TOTO products a strong presence in some of Europe's most innovative developments – from the renovation of The Louvre Museum's Hall Napoléon in Paris, to London's latest Aston Martin boutique at No. 8 Dover Street.

    Sponsorship of the 2018 Rugby World Cup and 2020 Olympics further bolsters the TOTO brand.

    Futuristic looks aside, a TOTO hand dryer really sets your washroom facilities apart, elevating them from merely functional spaces to environments of pure luxury and aesthetic beauty.

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