Child Friendly Hand Dryers

Perfect for a child washing hands, our child friendly dryers are quiet, efficient, and easily affordable for nurseries, schools, daycare centres and children’s hospitals where the budget has a long way to stretch.

Hand dryers in washrooms aimed at children need to have low noise levels as some children find the louder dryers alarming. The Elerillo is one of our quietest dryers so is worth considering. The Crocodillo 2 is also a very popular option with its drip tray and stylish design.

Soft and gentle 

Developed with sound-softening technology, our child friendly dryers are designed to protect sensitive ears while still leaving hands clean and dry. 

With a low noise level of just 72.5dB, the Dillo child friendly hand dryer delivers high-powered hot or cold air safely and quietly, without startling the little ones. Featuring an optional scented ring, it can also make visits to the washroom a pleasant, less daunting experience. 

Little and long-lasting

Our child friendly range are all nice and compact, meaning they’re a practical fit when installed low down, in easy-to-reach places.

With hard-wearing metallic casings in a range of finishes, these dryers look great while putting up with a lot. Their small size and stain-resistant materials make them a perfect investment for schools and children’s leisure facilities, where vandalism can be problematic.

Video Elerillo child friendly hand dryer

Elerillo - The perfect child friendly hand dryer.

Clean and caring

Protecting children is important to us – that’s why our child friendly hand dryers are designed to actively maintain washroom hygiene and help in the fight against harmful germs. 

With a self-cleaning HEPA filter, our Airbox H child friendly hand dryer contains UV diodes which irradiate germicidal particles caught inside the machine, lengthening its life. This also reduces the build-up of mould and other harmful residues, meaning your washroom remains a safe environment for children of all ages. 

Keeps the child washing hands with confidence

When children don’t dry their hands, they’re exposing themselves to possible bacterial infections and other illnesses. To get them into the habit, it’s crucial for them to learn that hand dryers are safe and not a threat. 

Quiet, gentle and visually appealing – we’ve designed our child friendly hand dryers to be approachable and enjoyable to use. 

Are hand dryers safe to use for children?

Children are sensitive to sudden loud noises – something that many of the powerful hand dryers on the market today are guilty of. 

Wet hands provide a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. It’s vital that children feel safe and confident to use a hand dryer. Some children are startled by a loud dryer. They may clamp their hands over their ears – or worse, avoid washing and drying their hands altogether. 

To make your hand dryers safe to use for little ones, it’s important to check the product information carefully to ensure that they have a low noise output. 

A dryer noise level of approximately 70 dB or less is tolerable for kids. To produce dry hands and happy faces all round, TOTO hand dryers make a barely audible 57–58 dB of noise. Now that’s super quiet. 

Are hand dryers healthy to use?

Dubbed ‘bacteria catapults’ by some, hand dryers are actually just as healthy and hygienic to use as paper towels – which many still believe to be more effective at containing the spread of germs. 

Many modern hand dryers are fitted with a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters. The filter removes over 99% of harmful airborne particles from the air before it flows out of the dryer.

Surrounded by easy-to-clean casings made from materials such as polypropylene and stainless steel, bacteria has a hard time sticking to a hand dryer. This makes the hand dryer a perfectly healthy choice for school bathrooms and other child-friendly environments. 

The Sterillo – a new and revolutionary breed of hygienic dryer – is the world’s first and only hand dryer that also continuously disinfects washroom air. Harnessing the power of UV light, The Sterillo breaks down harmful micro-organisms by removing their reproductive capabilities and effectively destroying them – that makes it the healthiest hand dryer on the market today.