Child Friendly Hand Dryers

Carefully selected for little hands, our child-friendly hand dryers are quiet, efficient, and easily affordable for nurseries, schools and children’s hospitals where budgets have a long way to stretch.

Soft and gentle

Developed with sound-softening technology, our child-friendly dryers are designed to protect sensitive ears while still leaving hands clean and dry. 

With a low noise level of just 72.5dB, the Dillo hand dryer delivers high-powered hot or cold air safely and quietly, without startling the little ones. Featuring an optional scented ring, it can also make visits to the washroom a pleasant, less daunting experience. 

Little and long-lasting

Our child-friendly range are all nice and compact, meaning they’re a practical fit when installed low down, in easy-to-reach places.

With hard-wearing metallic casings in a range of finishes, these dryers look great while putting up with a lot. Their small size and stain-resistant materials make them a perfect investment for schools and children’s leisure facilities, where vandalism can be problematic.

Clean and caring

Protecting children is important to us – that’s why our child-friendly hand dryers are designed to actively maintain washroom hygiene and help in the fight against harmful germs. 

With a self-cleaning HEPA filter, our Airbox H dryer contains UV diodes which irradiate germicidal particles caught inside the machine, lengthening its life. This also reduces the build-up of mould and other harmful residues, meaning your washroom remains a safe environment for children of all ages.