Quiet Hand Dryers

Voted best in class by the Noise Abatement Society for their sound-softening technology, our quiet hand dryers have been independently tested, rigorously assessed and judged superior to hundreds of quiet dryers from across the commercial washroom industry.

That makes them some of the quietest hand dryers in the world. 

Make your facilities smarter with our low noise hand dryers

Extreme noise-reducing hand dryers are just as effective as their louder counterparts – with one crucial difference: they’re better for business.

  • Avoid fines: noise nuisance investigations are increasingly common in built up areas, and can lead to expensive fines. If your hand dryers are whooshing loudly all day, a quieter solution could be a wise investment.
  • Save money: the sound-softening technology on these low noise hand dryers can mean greatly reduced running costs, helping you hit efficiency targets more easily. 
  • Stay professional: nothing irritates clients, staff or customers more than persistent background noise – a quiet hand dryer is a low-cost way to make a noticeable improvement to your environment.

Keep things peaceful with a practically silent hair dryer

A quiet hair dryer is a rare find in a hotel room, and hair dryers in general are an often overlooked source of noise nuisance in this industry. 

In truth, most standard hair dryers bellow hot air at the level of 85 dB – that’s nearly as loud as a bulldozer engine. This can be disruptive to hotel guests – especially when used late at night or early in the morning.

Hotel and B&B guests can be particularly demanding customers, so anything you can do to maintain a peaceful setting for them will avert the risk of complaints and greatly benefit your business.

Operating at just 65 dB, our range of practically silent hair dryers are the ideal antidote. 

How loud are hand dryers?

The hand dryer noise level in some washrooms can be unpleasant.

Thankfully, a new breed of high-powered, low-noise hand dryers has emerged to help reduce discomfort that this can cause. 

Quiet hand dryer noise comparison 

Special noise comparison tests are usually carried out on new dryer models to help consumers determine which are the best quiet hand dryers on the market.

To compare the noise output of different models, manufacturers measure the decibel level of a hand dryer from a distance of 1 metre, inside a soundproof chamber. 

There is some increase in noise levels when hands are positioned under/in the dryer or when the sound bounces off the walls – something that should be taken into account when checking the technical specification of your hand dryer. 

Developed by Japan’s most iconic bathroom technology brand, TOTO hand dryers produce as little as 57 dB of noise. That makes them some of the quietest dryers in the world – and four times quieter than their main European competitors.