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So, you need to buy some electric hand dryers.

You might be surprised by how much choice you have. You might even feel a little intimidated. With so many different electric hand dryers available, which one is the best value for money? Which type meets your needs?

Stay calm. Handy Dryers offer all types of electric hand dryer available (and our award-winning models house 5-star rated technology) from blade, durable stainless steel, eco and high speed as well as exclusive innovative washroom sterilizing models like the Sterillo

We’re here to help you work out which one is right for you. Browse our complete range below or scroll further to read more about the various types of electric hand dryers available.

Types of electric hand dryers

Back when electric hand dryers were first invented (in 1948, by George Clemens), they were all pretty much the same. But that’s no longer the case.

Over the years, electric hand dryers have really advanced. There are now some really nifty features available that dry hands quickly, are kind to the environment, save you money, prolong your electric hand dryers’ lifespan – the list goes on.

Touchless electric hand dryers

Touchless (or motion sensored) electric hand dryers are the norm today. As the name suggests, you don’t need to touch anything to get these going – which means fewer germs transferred between bathroom visitors and better hygiene standards. These days, touchless technology is really a must-have feature.

All our electric hand dryers have touchless sensors to operate them. Browse above or click the links below.

High speed electric hand dryers

High speed electric hand dryers are a relatively new innovation. These types of hand dryers work in a slight different way to traditional hand dryers. As opposed to gently evaporating water from hands, they blast moisture away. High speed electric hand dryers typically dry hands in around 10 seconds, while traditional dryers take around 45 seconds.

High speed electric hand dryers can be more than 80% cheaper to run than traditional hand dryers. They’re a great deal better for the environment, too.

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Energy efficient electric hand dryers

Energy efficient electric hand dryers are just what they sound like – kind to the planet and economical to run. Energy efficient electric hand dryers can cost less than 0.02p per use.

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Low noise electric hand dryers / Quiet electric hand dryers

Some electric hand dryers sound like jets on runways – and can ruin the ambience in restaurants or disturb lessons in schools. If noise is likely to cause problems for you, look for a quiet electric hand dryer with a noise output of no more than 75 decibels.

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Small electric hand dryers

How much of a concern is space? In small bathrooms, bulky electric hand dryers can take over. Small electric hand dryers have a small footprint and sit tight against walls. They save space, so are a good option for small bathrooms and restrooms.

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Recessed electric hand dryers

Recessed electric hand dryers help to save space in bathrooms. They’re actually built into the wall, so don’t jut into bathrooms in the same way as some electric hand dryers.

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Electric hand dryers for commercial bathrooms

In commercial premises, footfall can be high and requirements demanding. High speed electric hand dryers can be useful. So can low noise and energy efficient hand dryers. At Handy Dryers, we offer bulk buy discounts on commercial hand dryers.

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Top rated electric hand dryers

You probably don’t want to read this, but the best type of hand dryer really depends on your individual needs. Some electric hand dryers incorporate every innovation there is. They’re stylish, quiet, small, economical, energy efficient and offer unrivalled hygiene.

TOTO hand dryers are considered to be some of the most sophisticated and exclusive ever invented. TOTO is the first and only washroom supplier to have a museum dedicated to their innovations.

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Are electric hand dryers better for the environment?

2011 MIT research found the newest electric hand dryers on the market produced up to 70% fewer carbon emissions than paper towels. Some estimates say newer high speed electric hand dryers dry 29 hands at the cost of one paper towel.