Case Studies

Caffe Nero

Summer 2012

It is a year since Cafe Nero agreed to purchase the Crocodillo T water collecting mini blade hand dryers.  At the time they were trialling a number of hand dryers and looking for a functional, aesthetically pleasing and efficient unit that would serve both their business interests but more importantly keep their customers happy.

The Cafe Nero Operations Team had some exacting and strict performance criteria from what they required from a new range of hand dryers.  As a food and beverage business their customer washroom facilities are heavily used and any product they purchase had to be man enough for the job and ensure a positive experience for their customers.

To date, within excess of 50 units being installed in under a year there has not been a single failure or fault recorded and their feedback to us is that their customer experience is also very positive.

In a recent letter to Heat Outdoors Cafe Nero said “our new store programme moves at a very rapid pace and with little or no leading for suppliers and again Handy Dryers have delivered on time on every project which is a credit to your organisation........

..........We will continue to use your product and will be placing an order with you or another year’s supply of equipment for our Capital Investment Program for new stores.

I would thoroughly recommend your product to other parties along with the friendly and extremely professional and efficient team at Handy Dryers”.

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Old Whitgiftian Association

Summer 2012

This sports club is part of an old school base in South Croydon and were suffering from very high paper towel costs in their washroom and the order of £40 per box.  They recently purchase a Gorillo hand dryer for their changing room area and have been extremely impressed by the results. 

In a recent letter to us they said “not only has it saved us money in the amount we are spending on paper towels, it has also saved us a lot of cleaning of towels that had been dropped on the floor, we have been very impressed with the Gorillo hand dryers, so much so we are looking to purchase two more.

New Red Lion and Old Red Lion pubs, Islington

Summer 2011

These two extremely busy pubs in central London also stage theatrical events and needed to upgrade their old inefficient hand dryers for something more 21stcentury.

After a lot of consideration and taking a machine on trial they decided to purchase a number of Gorillo hand dryers.  In a letter to us late last year they said “the Gorillo dries your hand perfectly, a great investment”.  We were told that one of their regulars came back in from the washroom all excited that he’d found “hand dryers that dry hands”!  “I will definitely be recommending Handy Dryers to anyone that wants to know”.


City of Westminster LEA

Spring 2012

Looking after young children’s hygiene and welfare in schools has always been a priority and when St. Michaels School were looking for suitable hand dryers for their Reception children’s unit they opted for the Crocodillo T in silver.  The children love them, the staff love them and best of all there was no mess to clear up afterwards.  With the Crocodillo’s unique drip collection system the walls and floors of the schools washroom remained clean and safe and the paper towels that required clearing from the floor several times a day were not to be seen again.

The school was so happy that within 6 weeks they returned and doubled their initial order for the older children’s changing rooms.