White Hand Dryers

Classically clean, our selection of white enamel-coated and white powder-coated steel dryers are an unobtrusive addition to any style of washroom.

  • Clean and bright: marks and muck are easy to spot and wipe away, so you’ll breeze through your hygiene inspection. 
  • Neutral and contemporary: while some colours can date, white is always fashion-forward. 
  • A dryer that’s a blender: with tilework and sanitaryware tending toward the paler hues, white dryers provide the ideal pairing, leaving your washroom facilities feeling super airy.

The Crocodillo. Our most practical white blade.

A popular choice for disabled bathroom facilities, the Crocodillo benefits from its small size and powerful blade hand dryer.

Preferred by schools, hospitals and in public bathrooms, the Crocodillo white hand dryer enables visitors to experience the stylish aesthetic and efficient drying power of a blade without being startled or irritated by noise.

Quiet and considerate

Are your washrooms properly adapted for noise-sensitive visitors like children and or the elderly and vulnerable people? The Crocodillo’s quiet and compact technology is a wise choice.

Practical in any washroom setting, the Crocodillo’s 245 x 250 x 165mm footprint gives it a distinct edge over the other blade dryers on the market.

Video Crocodillo Blade White Hand Dryer

Crocodillo Blade White Hand Dryer. Washable air filter and small wall footprint.