Eco friendly hand dryers

With commercial overheads and carbon output top of mind for most businesses, we’re dedicated to lowering hand dryer power consumption. Our low energy hand dryers are energy efficient. This makes them less costly to run and lighter on the environment. 

Energy-efficiency isn’t a marketing statement – it’s a matter of design. Our models run on the lowest electrical inputs possible. Full of the most advanced dryer technology available on the market for the most ECO hand drying performance.  

Are energy saving hand dryers environmentally friendly?

The short answer to this is yes. Because our eco hand dryers rely on touch-free airflow technology, you no longer need to stockpile huge supplies of disposable paper towels. This alone helps your business to tread lightly, rather than rely on one of the most notorious non-renewable resources.

An energy efficient dryer uses power wisely

Sounds simple, but the less power a hand dryer needs to draw on when activated, the more energy efficient it is.

The majority of our models use between 1.0 and 1.4kW; our low energy hand dryers are quickly becoming an industry standard. When compared to other models like the Dyson Airblade which uses 1.6kW, you can see why. Our dryers use up to 35% less energy than many competitors. The Gorillo ECO hand dryer costs under £15.00 per year in electricity to run!

Video Gorillo ECO hand dryer

Gorillo Eco hand dryer. A hands in dryer with low Energy usage.

Eco friendly hand dryers

Short, sharp bursts of energy are the key to lower hand dryer power consumption. The quicker hands get dried, the less your hand dryer is in use. This not only helps the longevity of the dryer but also the energy it consumes.

Our Sterillo high speed eco hand dryer, boasts an ultra-quick drying time of 8Ė10 seconds, costing only a few pennies per use in power consumption. In comparison to the drying time of standard dryers Ė which can be anything between 20 and 45 seconds Ė your energy bills will be lighter than air.

Low energy hand dryers with sensitive technology

Speed and power consumption arenít the only attributes considered vital for dryer eco-efficiency. Instant detection of hands being placed under or inside the dryer is important when considering how to make your facilities more energy efficient.

Wasting energy will hit you where it hurts. If your hand dryers fail to respond quickly, frustrated users are more likely to stop and restart the motor more than once.

Our Gorillo blade dryer technology has been specifically developed to avoid using excess energy consumption and avoid bills racking up as much as possible. It features double the usual number of infrared sensors, meaning it can detect hands from different directions simultaneously. The Gorillo has speed adjustment, power and heat on/off switches. You can set this blade hand dryer to be both more economical and energy efficient at the flick of a switch.

Why continue to overspend? With these energy efficient hand dryers and a great deal more besides, now is the time to make a simple switch to a more energy efficient washroom.

Are hand dryers energy efficient?

Energy efficiency isnít just good for the planet. Itís an intelligent way for you to reduce your energy bills and manage your budget effectively over the long term. Thatís why all Handy Dryers products have been designed to cut out wasted energy in your washroom.

How many watts does a dryer use?

An older and more traditional hand dryer models can use up to 2.6kW of power per use. A modern ECO hand dryer is much more energy efficient. Consuming around 0.5kW of power, our high speed models only cost around £23 per year* to run Ė thatís over £100 cheaper than a traditional dryer.

*Based on a yearly consumption of 130 hrs.

Hand dryer power consumption

Producing short bursts of powerful air, our hand dryers are designed to eliminate moisture from wet hands with a single use. Use a high powered short burst to do this reduces electricity consumption and running costs throughout the year.

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