Intelligent Hand Dryers - Do they exist?

The hand dryer market has come a long way in the last ten years. The use of more advance electrical technology and integrated software that allows them to perform in ways that would have been inconceivable in the past. 

Can a hand dryer actually be intelligent?  Well, in some ways yes as they now have the ability to react and adapt to the environment around them.  Once example of this is heat sensors that detect the ambient air temperature and then adjusts the heating element accordingly, saving the user unnecessary expenditure on electricity when the weather is hot.

Other examples of hand dryers reacting to their conditions, are sensors that detect when they are being overused or perhaps misused. The sensor shuts the unit down temporarily preventing them from overheating and/or becoming damaged. The most advance hand dryers such as the Sterillo Duo now have built in odour eradicating modules. These modules remove all the smells in a washroom. This may not be a sign of intelligence, but it certainly is a very intelligent hand dryer!

Intelligent hand cleaning in an era of Coronavirus

Facilities managers often attest to the benefits of our extensive hand dryer range

  1. Saves money: faster hand dryers mean wattage per use is kept to the bare minimum, reducing your energy spend over the year
  2. Create a cleaner washrooms: Slow hand dryers and dryers witout drip trays cause trails of water across the floor encouraging bacteria.
  3. Avoids overcrowding: in smaller washrooms, speed is everything – a fast dryer enables people to leave more quickly, keeping entryways clear.
  4. Better customer experience: by using quiet hand dryers
  5. Sterillo: Intelligently uses a top-quality hand dryer with a built in sterilisation unit.
Video Crocodillo T2 hand dryer

Crocodillo T2 Blade Hand Dryer. Great for schools and use with small children.