Washroom Sanitisation

That time is now here with our hand dryers and sanitisers.  No more covering up foul smells with sprays, cleaning fluid odours and urinal blocks - just CLEAN, germ free, odourless airfresh air.

It's no longer necessary to put up with smelly loos and washrooms. Nature has provided us with an excellent way to disinfect and sterilise outdoors, and Sterillo have copied and used this chemical wizardry in the washroom.  This is about science fact - not fiction!!!

Test it for yourself.

FACT – Nasty odours are caused by airborne bacteria and faecal matter
FACT – Viruses, mould, bacteria and fungal spores all thrive in warm moist environments – like your washroom.
FACT – More diseases and illness are spread from the washroom than anywhere else in your business
FACT – a single bacteria can multiply from 1 – 8,000,000 in just eight hours!!!!!

  • DISINFECT the air
  • KILL the germs
  • REMOVE the odours

The All New Sterillo Uno 

Introducing The Sterillo Hand Dryer 

Boeing implements UV technology to sanitise latest aeroplane

The American plane maker, Boeing, has spent the past year working on a prototype loo that uses ultraviolet light to zap 99.99 percent of germs your fellow flyers leave behind, in just three seconds.

The lavatory uses far UV light, which is different from the ultraviolet A or ultraviolet B light used in tanning beds or grow lights, so it’s not harmful to humans. It is harmful to bacteria and pathogens and kills those organisms that are left on the surfaces of the lavatory.

“The UV light destroys all known microbes by literally making them explode,” said Jamie Childress, Associate Technical Fellow and a BR&T engineer. “It matches the resonant frequency of the molecular bonds on the outside of the microbes.”