Reducing odours and the causes that lie beneath

There's no doubt about it: odours are bad for business. They very quickly result in low staff morale and unhappy customers.

odours create an immediate perception of dirt. The vast majority of people believe that an odour means facilities are not cleaned often enough. They also say there's a direct correlation between cleanliness and their perception of the rest of the business.

Low staff productivity and reduced customer satisfaction can make a big dent in your profits. And that's where the Sterillo comes to the rescue, reducing offensive odours.

The Sterillo is unlike anything else available today. It's a hand-dryer that incorporates revolutionary sanitising technology and will change the washroom experience forever, letting you:

  • reduce washroom odours
  • keep your staff happy and motivated
  • create a pleasant experience for customers
  • improve your company image
  • cut your cleaning costs

Did you know?

  • There are less bacteria on the toilet seat than there are on the tap you touch after washing your hands.

  • 81.56% of people associate a dirty toilet with a dirty kitchen.

How it works

Sterillo Hand Dryer kills smells

By reducing bacteria and moulds in the air and on surfaces the plasma transmitted from the Sterillo Dryer helps eliminate odours as a direct by reducing the source the bacteria.

Washroom odours come from a wide ranging soup of ingredients. Much of what we smell is from airborne particles of faecal matter itself that has been ejected into the washroom air in tiny particles and become an aerosol. These particles, dependent upon their size can remain suspended in the air for several hours.

Sterillo Hand Dryer kills harmful bacteria

Bacteria and mould smell pretty nasty as anyone with a bunch of day old excessive wear will attest. If not killed, they simply multiply at a truly extraordinary rate - in 8 hours, one bacterium can multiply to 8 million.


Urine itself is generally a neutral pH of 7, however, anything unusual such as a high citrus or high meat diet can quickly turn urine quite acidic - as low as 4.6 and produce a quite smelly ammonia like odour.

Methane is another big culprit that we are all familiar with, however, some faecal matter can smell truly awful especially if there is an underlying health issue present ranging from indigestion to colitis and Crohn's Disease.