Keeping you safe from the dangers that lurk in the washroom

Washroom surfaces are a breeding ground for all sorts of nasty bacteria. From handles to taps, from toilet seats to the back of the cubicle door, bacteria are everywhere.

You don't see them, but you can't avoid making contact with them. And some of those surfaces are rarely thoroughly cleaned.

With the revolutionary new Sterillo, you'll never need to worry again about that toilet seat or door handle. It emits a sanitising layer that lands on all exposed surfaces, helping reduce the build up of bacteria.

The hidden dangers that lurk in washrooms will be a thing of the past. The Sterillo will help:

  • protect your staff and customers from infection
  • reduce your cleaning costs
  • give you the peace of mind of knowing your washroom environment is germ free

Did you know?

  • 81.56% of people put their coat or bag on the back of the door when using the toilet.

  • Toilet cubical doors and walls are re-coated in germs and bacteria after every flush.

  • These same surfaces often go uncleaned.

How it works


The Sterillo uses advanced oxidation technology sometimes known as Photohydroionisation to produce a range of free radical ions including the purest form of oxygen - atomic oxygen - O1. These free-radicals flow from the Sterillo in a plasma form which, reacts more like a liquid and flow over every exposed surface in the washroom where they help reduce bacteria, mould and viruses.

Surface Contamination

Research affirmed that 62% of people donít close the lid of the loo before they flush. This means every time someone flushes, a particle-filled bacteria cloud is created, covering toilet cubical doors, walls, floors, toilet rolls and anything nearby.