Baby changing units & wall mounted infant seats

Manufactured to the highest safety and hygiene standards, our baby changing units and infant seats provide clean, safe and affordable peace of mind for washrooms which need to accommodate parents and their little ones. 

Safe and secure 

Our most popular Baby Changing Station is also our strongest. Made from high grade stainless steel, it provides the ultimate security for parents changing their baby.

For adults who need somewhere to seat their infant while they use the washroom, our robust Baby Protection Chair incorporates adjustable waist and crotch restraints with a snap-lock buckle, giving extra peace of mind. 

There in an instant

Our baby changing stations and fold-away infant seats are ergonomically designed, so they can be opened, closed and adjusted in a flash. Ideal for when parents have one of their hands full. 

What’s more, the concealed hinges and adjustable straps mean they’re incredibly safe – even when used quickly. Because nobody wants nappy changes to take longer than necessary!

Ultra hygienic 

Our washroom technology works, but it’s also designed to protect people – adults, children and babies alike. It’s something we’re serious about, and we know you are too. 

Infused with an antimicrobial agent, the stainless steel casing on our Baby Changing Station inhibits the growth of odorous, potentially harmful bacteria. The smooth, metallic finish is easy to clean and difficult to vandalise, making it a practical investment for any washroom facility.