Vandal Proof Hand Dryers

Every part of a commercial washroom has the potential to be vandalised, setting facilities managers in the UK back millions of pounds per year. 

Investing in tough technology such as vandal-proof hand dryers is often overlooked – but it’s the first step to combating this costly conundrum.

Built to last

For entertainment venues, schools, bars and pubs in particular, winning the war on washroom vandalism is vital to safeguarding profitability and maintaining a good impression.

Our vandal-proof hand dryers aren’t merely super efficient – they’re extremely tough, thanks to our application of carefully engineered materials, well-thought-out fixings and durable finishes. 

Designed like limpets

These units are fixed in place with state-of-the-art fittings, meaning you’ll hold all the power.

Thick, sturdy back-plates made from reinforced steel make them nearly impossible to prise from the washroom wall. And (as if that didn’t do the job), they’re secured in place with tamper-proof screws that only yield to unique screwdriver tool bits.

Small targets

You’ll notice that our vandal-resistant dryers are on the petite side. This not only makes them extremely handy to install in tight spaces, it helps prevent vandals getting a grip on some of your most crucial washroom technology. 

Clear the way

Blocked nozzles and drainage channels can be a tiresome business. Time and money is easily flushed away on removing the strangest of objects from hand dryers – from toilet paper to chewing gum and pieces of food.

Our vandal-proof hands-in models have easily accessible drainage systems that help you to remove foreign objects in a matter of minutes. 

With cleverly concealed air nozzles and anti-tamper covers, our wall-mounted dryers are incredibly difficult to plug up – even for the most creative vandals on the block.

Brave faces

Much harder to scratch, vandals will have a tough time damaging the outside of these dryers. This makes them ideal for countering repeated graffiti attacks in unattended or remote public washrooms. 

Finished in polished or brushed stainless steel, they’re hard-wearing, so they’ll remain stylish for years to come. 

Easy to clean and virtually impervious to most liquids, the components of your dryer will remain safe and secure.