Small Hand Dryers For Small Washrooms

Sleek, petite and easily placed inside the smallest of washrooms, our powerful range of compact dryers take up next to no space whilst outperforming all the standard hand dryers on the market. 

Beautiful to look at and incredibly affordable, these machines are any facilities manager’s dream to run.

Strapped for space? A small hand dryer can help

Not every business can boast a washroom of palatial proportions. Work space, customers or technology often need to be prioritised, leaving lavatories and other conveniences in cramped conditions. 

In cases like these, a small hand dryer with a minute footprint, such as the Beaver, are highly preferred. Measuring only 100mm deep, this compact design is super slim and hugs walls tightly, enabling people to flow in and out of the washroom more freely. 

Crocodillo T2 - The smallest water collecting hand dryer

Crocodillo T2 - The smallest water collecting hand dryer in the world

Seen but not heard

No two ways about it – these compact dryers may be small, but they’re also stunning to look at. 

On the hunt for something contemporary to dry those digits? Our Beaver Slimline dryer is reinforced with a solid stainless steel casing in a choice of coloured coatings, meaning it’s vandal-proof without compromising on beauty. 

What about a bathroom that looks a bit more ‘NASA’? With a digital countdown timer and midnight blue LEDs, the Gorillo Ultra small hands-in dryer fits the bill. 

Operating at a noise level of 73dB, the Gorillo Ultra has also been awarded a Quiet Mark by the Noise Abatement Society, making it the quietest of our small electric hand dryers.

Bosses love a small hand dryer

Downsizing isn’t the only thing these small electric hand dryers can help you with. Their fast operating times mean that wattage per use is cut back dramatically, helping you avoid unsightly bills in the short term, and to reduce your energy spend over the year. 

The Antillo is our newest compact hand dryer.

  • Ultra small footprint
  • Ultra slim design only 10cm depth
  • Suitable for most disabled washrooms
  • Fast drying time of 10-12 Seconds
  • Great value for money
Antillo - Small compact hand dryer

Antillo Slim Hand Dryer - Our smallest compact hand dryer

Why hand dryer dimensions are important to consider

You can find hand dryer dimensions for any of our models within the ‘Tech Spec’ tab on each product page.

Here are some things to consider when deciding on your ideal dryer dimensions:

  • The proximity of the dryer to the exit door and wash basins
  • The distance between the hand dryer and any surrounding walls or pillars
  • The level of footfall in your washroom
  • The distance between the dryer and any other dryers
  • How the small hand dryer fit in the space