High Speed Hand Dryers

Our high speed hand dryers feature the latest technology to provide fast drying times, ECO friendly operation and long lasting motors; adding all of these together makes these high speed hand dryers some of the best value for money on the market today.

So how speedy are our high speed hand dryers? With average drying times of 8-10 seconds these are some of the fastest hand dryers on the market today and the speed along with other technology, such as ambient air sensors to adjust heat output, mean that they are all ECO friendly when compared to paper towels and many other hand dryers on the market currently. We have tested the dryers repeatedly in house to ensure that we can guarantee the dry time really is high speed and that the life on the machine will last like we expect. We back this up with a 2 year guarantee on all units so you can be sure that the hand dryer is made to last.