Eliminating hidden threats to keep you safe

Think that if air doesn't smell it's clean? Think again. Some of the most dangerous and contagious viruses are odourless, and are often spread in the washroom environment.

Tiny particles suspended in the air can take several hours to dissipate or slowly fall to the ground. These 'aerosols', as they're called, can quickly spread infection among your staff, customers and visitors.

And then there are the obvious odours and threats. The majority of people don't shut the lid when they flush the toilet*. This creates a particle-filled cloud that everyone else then passes through - and smells.

The Sterillo is the solution you've been waiting for: it helps sanitise the air to remove the things you can smell, and the ones you can't that are far more dangerous. The Sterillo will help you:

  • help reduce bacteria and viruses
  • control infections
  • reduce staff absenteeism

Did you know?

  • Many of the bad odours in washrooms are made up of minute airborne faecal matter (aerosol).

  • The reason you smell it is because you are inhaling faecal particles.

How it works

Sterillo Cleans Air

Air is drawn into the Sterillo by its convection chamber requiring no fans or moving parts. Once inside it is bombarded with powerful Ultra Violet light that can help destroy bacteria, viruses and mould. The air coming out of the Sterillo is pure and sterile.


Larger airborne particles known as VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are drawn together forming larger heavier particles that then fall to the ground. In this way the washroom air is circulated through the Sterillo many times in a day and the level of airborne contaminates are massively reduced.