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How does the Sterillo sanitise contaminated air?

cleans air

Hospitals, ambulances and care homes commonly use UVC light to sanitise internal environments – and that’s what the Sterillo uses to clean bathroom air.

When it’s not drying hands, the Sterillo’s silently and continuously draws in bathroom air. It then blasts contaminated air with UVC light; a high-frequency light that’s harmless to humans but that destroys bathroom germs.

The light disrupts germ-DNA, rendering bathroom germs unable to perform vital cellular functions. In doing so, the UVC light kills-off common bathroom germs and bacteria.

The importance of sanitising bathroom air

Bathrooms are unhygienic places.


Unbeknownst to most of us, every flush ejects a small cloud of fecal matter into the bathroom air. It’s these particles that cause the unpleasant odours we instinctively avoid.

Left untreated, these particles are either inhaled or settle on bathroom surfaces, where they can cause and spread illness and infection.

For the most part, our immune systems are capable of destroying the germs we encounter. But every so often, inhaling or ingesting a large dose of germs bowls us over.

The Sterillo puts an end to 99.96% of airborne contaminants – for good


The most hygienic hand dryer available on the market today

Raymond Martin
MD of the British Toilet Association and campaigner for better public toilets for all


I am totally convinced!

Dave Rymer, Group Manager

The Sterillo has a unique ability to clean the air and eradicate odours. It sets a new standard of hygiene few can match – and an odour-free environment few can offer.


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