World's Oldest Hand Dryer?!

World's Oldest Hand Dryer?!

This delightful specimen was found by Steve, our MD, whilst he was on his travels in the picturesque hamlet of Pin Mill, Suffolk on the banks of the River Orwell. This must surely be the oldest example of an electric hand dryer in existence?! 

Amazingly it still worked (at least air came out of it, whether it would fit the name hand dryer is debatable). 

What the picture can't quite show you is the relative size of the unit! It is the size of a small house and looking at how it is made probably weighs about the same as well.

George Clemens invented the very first electric hand dryer in 1948. Over the next few decades his innovative invention underwent relatively little advancement. More recently this has changed with the latest high powered and fast hand dryers that use high velicity air flow to dry the hands rather than hot air.

Gorillo Junior - The latest technology

If you would like something a little bit more modern, compact, powerful and eco-friendly then luckily that is where we can help, with the newly introduced Gorillo Junior the perfect choice for those who want a powerful hands-in blade hand dryer but don't want a monolith stuck to the wall taking up the space. The Gorillo Junior is available in 3 colour options. It includes a HEPA filter with UVC sterilisation and eco friendly running costs that means ongoing costs are negligible. 

Video Gorillo ECO hand dryer

Gorillo Eco hand dryer. A hands in dryer with low Energy usage.

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