Crocodillo T2 Water Collecting Hand Dryer

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  • Smallest water collecting hand dryer in the world
  • Low noise: Great for schools and use with small children
  • Switchable heater and power settings
  • Washable air filter
  • Small wall footprint
Caffe Nero
I would thoroughly recommend your product to other parties along with the friendly and extremely professional and efficient team at Handy Dryers.
Ray Murphy, Caffe Nero
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  • The Crocodillo T2. Our most practical blade. 

    The world’s smallest water collecting hand dryer

    No drips. No mess. No fuss. The Crocodillo T2 is the smallest ever blade dryer to 

    feature an inbuilt water drainage system and removable collection tray, helping to keep your washroom puddle-free. 

    A popular choice for disabled bathroom facilities, the Crocodillo T2’s water collection tray benefits wheelchair users, who are more likely to be positioned beneath the dryer nozzle. This considerate model dries hands in seconds and prevents liquid from flying onto the user or the washroom floor. 

    If you’ve been searching for a clean, quiet and practical blade hand dryer, search no more.

    Quiet and considerate

    Are your washrooms properly adapted for noise-sensitive visitors like children and elderly adults? The Crocodillo T2’s quiet and compact technology could be a wise investment. 

    Highly preferred by schools, hospitals and in public bathrooms, the Crocodillo T2 enables visitors to experience the stylish aesthetic and efficient drying power of a blade without being startled or irritated by noise. 

    Making just 72.7 decibels of noise when in use – that’s about the same noise volume as normal human conversation – this and the Gorillo Junior are our quietest blade dryers, meaning they’re ideal for smaller environments which suffer from noise reverberation. 

    Are your washrooms short on space? 

    Practical in any washroom setting, the Crocodillo T2’s 250 x 450 x 165mm footprint gives it a distinct edge over the other blade dryers on the market. 

    Compact enough to fit in places the Dyson Airblade can’t, this model enables single-user bathrooms or oddly shaped spaces to experience the high-velocity airflow of a blade dryer, without having to compromise on space. 

    Smart and snappy 

    Shaped like a space capsule and available in distinctive silver or bright white, the Crocodillo T2 oozes futuristic appeal. 

    The drying cavity and water collection tray are beautifully contoured, protecting users from stray water droplets and providing an aesthetically pleasing edge to tired washroom environments.  

    Clamps down on costs

    Massively reducing your energy consumption, the Crocodillo T2’s ultra-fast airflow minimises hand drying time to under 12 seconds, enabling it to operate on 1.4KW of power. 

    This efficient combination reduces running costs dramatically, providing an economical and eco-friendly solution for facilities with bootstrap budgets such as schools, universities, hospitals and independent businesses.

    Our two-year warranty

    This hand dryer comes with our seal of quality approval and a two-year warranty, including free parts and labour should you need it repaired within the first year of purchase.

  • Operating Voltage
    220-240 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 1.4 KW
    Warm Air Speed Output
    120 m/S
    Motor Type
    550W, Brush Type, Dual Ball Bearings
    Motor Overload protection
    Motor assembly designed with over current fuse, replaceable.
    Heater Element
    Heater Thermal Protection
    Auto Resetting Thermostat turns unit off at 85C {185F};
    Thermal fuse cut unit off at 150C {288F}
    Drying Time
    Approx 12 seconds
    Circuit Operation
    Infra-red Automatic, self adjusting
    Timing Protection
    60 seconds auto shut off
    Drip proof
    CLASS 1
    Net Weight
    4.5 kg [9.0 lbs]
    Product Width
    250 mm
    Product Height
    488 mm
    Product Depth
    175 mm
    Box Width
    Box Height
    Box Depth
    2 Years (1st Year Parts + Labour)
    Noise Level (at 1m)
    72.7 Decibels
    Package Depth
    30 cm
    Package Height
    22 cm
    Package Width
    53 cm
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