Blade Hand Dryers: The Most Recent Innovation in Hand Dryers

Gorillo Hand Dryer

The most recent innovation in the Hand Dryer sector is the blade dryer. Handy Dryers would like to introduce its own Blade Hand Dryer, The Gorillo hand dryer.

The hand dryer market has certainly changed over recent years and there has been a significant amount of debate on its environmental impact combined with a reputation of inadequacy. This is because our first introduction to the humble hand dryer was far from spectacular. Originally the old hand dryer chugged and chuffed air from its bellows akin to that of a 90 year old man who smoked 60 a day. The result was poor with the majority of users either wiping their wet hands down their jeans or resorting to pulling a small forest worth of toilet tissue from its holder to complete the drying process. This style of dryer remained in place for a number of years, and when faced with the option of using a hand dryer or a paper towel I feel sure most of us would opt for the paper towel. The market for hand dryers appeared stagnant until quite recently when Mitsubishi Electric launched the Jet Towel, a completely new concept of hand dryer, which quite possibly revolutionised the hand dryer market. Instead of drying hands through evaporation which was generally time wasting, energy wasting and overall ineffectual it ramped up the revs and created a force of air to ‘blast’ water from the hands. The hand dryer was becoming a little sexier than its ancestors and drew interest from other companies who continued to develop it. Dyson was one such company, producing the now highly recognisable Dyson Airblade. Since this development our concept of the hand dryer has taken a more positive slant and with larger companies acknowledging the growing market money is certainly being invested to create even further advancement.

Whilst the argument still bubbles below the surface as to whether paper towels or hand dryers are the way to go there is no doubt the new family of hand dryers are most certainly more economical and environmentally friendly, in fact a World Dryer study commissioned in the USA claims 102 hand dryers installed in public schools in Kansas provided an annual saving of 34.5 tons of solid waste, 690,000 gallons of water, and 587 trees. Whilst energy is used by the hand dryer it by no means equates to the energy used to manufacture, treat and then recycle the paper towel.

As a testament to the ongoing investment within the hand dryer sector Handy Dryers has developed this concept with its Gorillo hand dryer, embracing all the benefits of a Dyson blade dryer the Gorillo offers the added benefit of being extremely quiet, up to 15 decibels quieter; it has a hot or cold option built; so energy can be saved during the warmer months, whilst switching across to warm air is much more pleasant when it becomes colder outside. Unlike the Airblade and its competitors, the Gorillo hand dryer incorporates a water collection tray to maintain its hygienic credentials and retain its high quality exterior.