Greener Hand Drying

Our Dryers are Energy Efficient

There is no bigger challenge facing washrooms today than creating eco friendly facilities. Itís not just the significant cost savings, when a Handy Dryer is installed, there is less waste, less use of natural resources, and increased cleanliness - essential to any operating mission.

Crazy Statistics: say you are located in a 5-story office building; you will likely use about some 160,000 paper towels per month, which generate about 385 kilograms of waste paper. This would be equivalent to 8 trees per month, or 96 per year. If the waste paper were piled up, it would reach 14 meters per month, or 168 meters per year Ė thatís roughly the height of an 40-storey building!

Low-energy hand dryers are built to last a long time. They create no waste and have very low emissions compared with laundering roller towels, or paper towels. Whilst reclycable paper towels sound eco friendly the manufacturing, transportation, storage and disposal costs are significant. One of our automatic hand dryers is estimated to create 95% fewer carbon emissions than paper towels, making it an eco-friendly choice. For more information on hand dryers versus paper towels read our article.