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Cheap Hand Dryers

5 great value hand dryers that are compromise-free

Cheap hand dryers mean compromising. Donít they?

Actually, if you hunt hard enough, itís usually possible to find cheap hand dryers that do just about everything you need them to... and fit your budget.

Weíve had a search through the Handy Dryers range to pick out some ďcheapĒ hand dryers in every category. Each of the below models are truly exceptional value.

Kangarillo Fast Hand Dryer
Kangarillo Fast Hand Dryer
£153.99 + VAT
more info
  • Fast hand drying: 10 - 15 seconds
  • Powerful airflow: 65 metres/second
  • UK Market leader for last 5 years
  • 4 Colours - Polished or Brushed stainless steel or Enamel Powder Coated (Black and White)
  • Washable air filter
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Gorillo Junior Jet Hand Dryer with HEPA filter
Gorillo Junior Jet Hand Dryer with HEPA filter
From £274.99 + VAT
more info
  • HEPA Filter with UVC Sterilisation: Cleans the air whilst drying your hands
  • Drying Time 7-9 seconds
  • Quiet hand dryer - 70dB
  • Small & Compact Design: Still the same quick drying times
  • In built digital room thermometer: Self Adjusting air heat output
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Elerillo Quiet ECO Hand Dryer
Elerillo Quiet ECO Hand Dryer
£139.99 + VAT
more info
  • Ultra Low Noise; only 69 dB
  • 304 military grade Stainless Steel; mirror polished
  • ECO credentials; adjusts own heater power
  • Amazing Contemporary Looks; Small Footprint
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AirBOX V2 Sound Control Hand Dryer
AirBOX V2 Sound Control Hand Dryer
£129.99 + VAT
more info
  • Ultra small footprint
  • Brushed 304 stainless steel finish
  • Sound and Speed control for extra quiet settings
  • Eco function to switch off heat element and conserve energy
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Antillo Slim Hand Dryer
Antillo Slim Hand Dryer
From £99.99 + VAT
more info
  • Ultra small footprint
  • Ultra slim design only 10cm depth
  • Brushed 304 stainless steel and enamel powder coated white
  • Drying time 10-12 Seconds
  • Two year warranty on all units
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1. A cheap hand dryer for small washrooms

The Antillo Ė £99.99 + VAT (multi-buy discounts available) The Antillo has to be one of the smallest hand dryers youíll ever encounter. Itís just 26 cm high, 17cm wide and 10cm deep Ė so itís considerably smaller than your average shoebox. At just 3kg, itís also incredibly light.

But donít be fooled by its size and weight: the Antillo is an incredibly powerful hand dryer. Itís gusts of 68 m/s warm air strip water from wet hands in 10-12 secondsÖ which means the Antillo holds its own against more expensive high-speed hand dryers. At just £99.99 + VAT, yes, the Antillo is a cheap hand dryerÖ but itís anything but feeble.

And if money is no object...

TOTO Recessed Ė £847.00 + VAT

With trademark Japanese manufacturing excellence, the TOTO Recessed hand dryer extends just 34mm from the wall. Itís small, sleek, quiet and waste water collection makes the TOTO Recessed ultra-hygienic. Itís the mark of near-clinical washroom sterility.

2. A cheap hand dryer thatís also high-speed

The Kangarillo Ė £149.99 + VAT (multi-buy discounts available)

Itís incredible to think that the Kangarillo comes in at just £149.99 + VAT. The Kangarillo has been the UKís market-leading hand dryer for the last 7 years running Ė and for good reason.

The unit fires out warm air at speeds of 100m/s, drying saturated hands in as little as 10 seconds. As a high-speed hand dryer, the model doesnít rely on evaporation to dry hands. Instead, it blasts water from handsÖ meaning fewer washroom queues in high-usage washrooms.

The Sterillo Ė £399.99 + VAT (multi-buy discounts available)

The Sterillo dries hands just as quickly as the Kangarillo Ė but the unit comes with a unique technological innovation. Unlike any other hand dryer, the Sterillo cleanses contaminated bathroom air. When itís not drying hands, a silent vacuum inside the unit continuously draws in surrounding bathroom air, treating it with germicidal UV light. In doing so, it removes the bacteria lingering in bathroom air, eliminating unpleasant smells in the process.

3. A cheap hand dryer thatís nice and quiet

Vulcan Dual Blade Ė £259.99 + VAT (multi-buy discounts available)

Quiet hand dryers are rarely cheap hand dryers, but the Vulcan Dual Blade offers the best of both worlds.

Even when operating at full power, the Vulcan Dual Blade is a quiet hand dryer. But the real bit of genius behind the Vulcan is the simple switch located underneath the unit that allows you reduce the fan speed at will, decreasing the Vulcanís noise output. The hand dryer can therefore operate at just 75 dB, making it one of the quietest hand dryers in the world (the Vulcan is one of the few hand dryers in existence to be awarded the Quiet Mark by the Noise Abatement Society).

And if money is no object...

TOTO Blade Ė £828 + VAT

Capable of running at noise levels of 54 dB, the TOTO Blade is the quietest hand dryer in the world. With TOTO, you get power, hygiene and Japanese manufacturing excellence. Itís the mark of a superior washroom.

4. A cheap hands-in hand dryer

Gorillo Junior Blade Handr Dryer Ė £274.99 + VAT (multi-buy discounts available) Some popular hands-in hand dryers simply do not offer value for money. The Gorillo Junior isnít one of them.

While the Gorillo Junior is indeed a little costlier than some of the other cheap hand dryers available at Handy Dryers, it comes with a host of features that other models are without. For example, the Gorillo reads the air temperature and adjusts its in-built heating element accordingly, keeping its running costs low. At 73 dB, it offers the lowest noise-output in its category. Itís high-speed, drying hands in 10-12 seconds (vs the 30-45 seconds non high-speed models).

Importantly, itís a hands-in hand dryer that collects waste water. As the Gorillo Blade collects waste water, you donít end up with contaminated water all over your washroom walls and floors; the unit captures waste water, keeping washrooms spotless.

And if money is no object...

TOTO Blade Ė £835 + VAT

The TOTO Blade is in a class of its own. As well as being the quietest hand dryer in the world, it increases washroom sterility. The TOTO Blade has the widest hand aperture of any hands-in hand dryer availableÖ so, despite being an advanced, hands-in dryer, thereís little risk of usersí hands coming into contact with the machine. The enclosed nature of the dryer funnels contaminated waste water into a separate drip tray, locking it away safely. Every part of the dryer that comes into contact with waste water can be exposed during cleaning. Itís unrivalled hygiene Ė and probably the best hand dryer in the world.

5. A vandal-proof cheap hand dryer

Armadillo Ė £179.99 + VAT (multi-buy discounts available) Vandalism is a fact of life and, for whatever reason, public toilets often bear the brunt of the damage. The Armadillo is a cheap hand dryer thatís been designed to withstand vandalism. Despite a price tag well below £200, the Armadillo is built like a tank. An extra-thick, 1.5mm stainless steel cover creates a shell around the machine that protects it from force. An external grille keeps the hand dryerís components tucked safely out of harmís way. And a durable wall plate keeps the Armadillo all but welded to the wall, making the hand dryer almost impossible to dislodge.

Add to that the fact itís high-speed, drying hands in 10-12 seconds, and you have yourself a cheap hand dryer that doesnít compromise one bit.

And if money is no object...

Armadillo 2 Ė £154.99 + VAT (multi-buy discounts available)

The Armadillo 2 is an upgrade on the original Armadillo, with an even thicker 1.8mm, 304 grade stainless steel shell and an extended, 3 year warranty. An adjustable heater also reduces the dryerís running costs. Given thereís just £25 difference in price between the two models, itís usually a worthwhile upgrade.


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