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Hand Dryers are Safe and Government backed

The UK government has joined global health experts, including the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in approving the use of hand dryers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The confirmation follows a campaign from the hand drying industry requesting government to update its official guidelines.

The government's 'Working safely during Coronavirus' guidance states that, to help everyone keep good hygiene throughout the working day, businesses should provide hand drying facilities in the form of either paper towels or electrical dryers.

Hand Dryers are safe test results

Featured Products

Sterillo Hand Dryer

Sterillo Duo Germ and Virus Killing Hand Dryer

£399.99 + VAT
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  • Washroom Air Sanitisation. Destroying germs and Viruses 24/7: UK Government Tested
  • The Dorchester Hotel (London): Sterillos' made "a huge difference to the atmosphere, there are now no unpleasant odours at all"
  • Ultrafast Hand dryer: 10 - 12 second dry time
  • Free EasyClean wall Splashback panel in 304 Stainless Steel
  • No need to use air fresheners: Bad washroom smells safely removed
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The Dillo Scented Quiet Hand Dryer

The Dillo Scented Quiet Hand Dryer

£145.99 + VAT
more info
  • Optional Auto Perfumer: Fragrance Options Available
  • Multiple Nozzle output: extreme noise reduction to under 73dB
  • Drying Time 12.5 seconds
  • Switchable heating element: on/off
  • Solid Construction from Cast Aluminium: Tough and durable
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Fleurillo Fragrance Hand Dryer

Fleurillo Fragrance Hand Dryer

£159.99 + VAT
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  • Auto Perfumer with control settings: Off, 12h, 24h or Auto
  • Dries hands in 10 -15 seconds: with active LCD drying timer
  • Easy fragrance replenishment: use essential oil, liquid or solid fragrance
  • Switchable heating element: on/off
  • Solid Construction from Stainless Steel: Tough and durable
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Kangarillo 2 ECO Hand Dryer - Stainless Steel

£164.99 + VAT
more info
  • Ultra fast hand drying: 10 - 15 seconds
  • Powerful airflow: 65 metres/second
  • ECO air sensor: Auto heat adjustment
  • Automatic hand dryer with touch free operation
  • 4 Colours - Polished or Brushed stainless steel or Enamel Powder Coated (Black and White)
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