Hepa Filter Replacement Advice

Hepa Filter Replacement Advice
HEPA filter replacement advice

Replacement HEPA filter - Gorillo Hand Dryers

Keeps your dryerís air clean

We recommend replacing the HEPA filter on your Gorillo hand dryer every six months or so, particularly if you manage a commercial washroom or a facility which sees heavier-than-average footfalls.

A HEPA filter removes at least 99.95% of particles in the air that passes through it whose diameter is great than 300 nanometres. Our super micro-pore HEPA filter cleans the air before it hits usersí hands, keeping bacteria at bay and preventing your bathroom from becoming a health hazard.

Easy to fit

Many dryers with HEPA filters donít enable them to be changed easily. This means that the HEPA filters themselves can become clogged up and cause contamination, and potentially lead to the machine overheating.

We make it extremely easy to replace the HEPA filter in our Gorillo dryers...simply remove the old filter from underneath the unit, and slide in the new filter. Hey presto!

HEPA filter line break HEPA filter second line break

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