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Hands in hand drying

Step Up Your Drying Game: The Benefits of Hands-in Hand Dryers

Water water everywhere: the secret life of washroom puddles and spray

Ever wondered how a puddle under your hand dryer or the spray across your wall impacts the hygiene and cleanliness of your washroom?

Hands-in hand dryers are designed to collect excess water and direct it to a drain or collection tray, this can bring a great benefit in terms of reducing the risk of slipping hazards and making it easier to maintain the hand dryer. The act of collecting water dispelled from the users hands generally stops it being sprayed over the wall and floor of the washroom.

Ultimately, whether or not the collection of water is a benefit depends on the specific design of the hand dryer and how well it is maintained. At Handy Dryers we’ve taken care of the product design for our hands-in dryers so they deliver ample water collection to keep your washroom sparkling clean.

Who knew drying your hands could be such a high-tech experience?

Hands-in hand dryer design is blowing our minds (and drying our hands). Our hands-in hand dryers collect water fast and effectively from the user’s hands using blade technology, especially if the user's hands are very wet.

Hands-in, hassle out

While the issue of water accumulation is a valid concern, it can be addressed through proper maintenance and user education. This can be a useful aid to correct hygiene and washroom regime in an educational environment, high or high volume or regularly maintained clean environments.

Additionally, the benefits of hands-in hand dryers, such as improved hygiene, energy efficiency, and durability often outweigh potential issues from water collection. They can be far preferable to having water sprayed across the wall and floor of the washroom.

Faster drying times

Hands-in hand dryers typically use powerful motors and air speeds to dry hands in seconds, compared to traditional dryers that can take longer to dry hands.

Improved hygiene

Hands-in hand dryers often feature HEPA filters, which can capture bacteria and other airborne particles, reducing the spread of germs.

Energy efficiency

While hands-in hand dryers may use more electricity than traditional dryers, they often have shorter drying times, which can result in lower overall energy consumption.

Noise reduction

Some hands-in hand dryers are designed to be quieter than traditional dryers, reducing noise pollution in the washroom.


Hands-in hand dryers are often built with durable materials and can withstand heavy use, making them a long-lasting investment for washroom facilities.

Water collection

Contrary to a standard hand dryer, hands-in hand dryers blow water from the hands and collect it through an effective water collection which is either drained away or removed during cleaning.

Overall, hands-in hand dryers can provide improved hygiene, energy efficiency, durability, and aesthetics compared to traditional hand dryers, making them a valuable addition to any washroom facility.

Over 3,000 hand drying cycles per £1.00 of electricity!

Providing excellent waterproof ratings and energy saving ECO functions, our large range of hands-in hand dryers offer more than modern aesthetics and ultra-fast dry times.

Boasting, integrated water collection, HEPA filters and state-of-the-art long lasting brushless motors, our hands-in dryers are built to last!

Integrated HEPA filters and UVC sterilisation lamps to clean them improve overall hygiene in the washroom.

Handy Dryers Hands in Hand Dryer Range

"Handy Dryers are thrilled to be able to offer you one of the most extensive 'Hands in' Dryer ranges within the UK marketplace today "

Each unit can deliver super-fast drying times of around 10-12 seconds, thanks to the usage of dual blade technology. The high powered multi-jet nozzles force the water off the users' hands before the drips are collected in an inbuilt water collection tray. No mess, no fuss dry.

When it comes to the running costs of our hands-in dryers, do not fear!

Saving money and energy has never been so easy, thanks to the dryers smart ECO functions. Manual heat switches and adjustable motor speeds provide the option of an ECO DRY for both user and the bill payer.

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