Gorillo Pro Brushless Motor Blade Hand Dryer

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£345.00 + VAT
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  • Internal HEPA Filter as standard: Cleans the air whilst drying your hands
  • Brushless High Efficiency Motor: 10 - 12 second dry time:
  • In built digital room thermometer: Self Adjusting air heat output
  • Great looks with waste water collection: no more wet floors
  • Lowest noise output in sector: Only 73dB
  • Self Adjusting Air Heater
Royal Academy Of Music
We are using Gorillo and Vulcan dryers within our university and have found them to be a reliable and well-priced alternative to the well-known brand, blade dryer. Handy Dryers are very user friendly to deal with and deliver next day.
John Gowing, Royal Academy Of Music
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  • The Gorillo Pro. Our professional blade.

    Powerful and affordable

    Blasting water away from wet hands in 12 seconds or less, this dryer’s brushless, high-efficiency motor makes it our recommended ‘hands-in’ model for professional environments.

    Super reliable, it can handle heavy crowds with ease, and keeps customers flowing through busy bathrooms at a pace. 

    Kind to the planet, and even kinder to your electricity bills, the high-speed vacuum motor needs a mere 650W of power, saving up to 90% of the energy consumed by conventional hand dryers. 

    Quietly does it

    Incredibly powerful, reliable and robust, the Gorillo Pro is also one of the quietest hand dryers available today. 

    With the lowest noise output in its sector – just 73 decibels during usage – this dryer is the ideal investment for noise-sensitive environments such as conference facilities, performance spaces and commercial office buildings. 

    Cleans while it works

    Harnessing the power of germicidal light rays, the Gorillo Pro’s integrated UV-C lamps cast a sterilising glow over the hands as it dries them, rendering the majority of bacteria and other harmful organisms harmless.

    What’s more, the Gorillo Pro’s inbuilt HEPA filter catches hazardous germs and particles of human waste that float in the air of even the most carefully cleaned of washrooms, limiting the spread of harmful diseases. 

    A hygienic dryer that cleans itself from the inside, this model uses internal UV-C rays to sterilise the filter, maximising its ability to purify the air in your washroom.

    Collects dirty water, with no fuss

    Unlike a Dyson dryer, the Gorillo Pro has been designed with a concealed water collection tank, enabling stagnant water to be collected without splashes or spillages. 

    Keeping germ-infested water locked away, the collection tank can be taken out and emptied easily, leaving the area hygienic and odour-free.

    It senses you

    Gorillo blade dryer technology is remarkably different. It features double the usual number of infrared sensors, meaning it can detect hands from different directions simultaneously.

    While conventional dryers can cut out or fail to respond, the Gorillo Pro is laser-accurate. It will detect hands every time.

    With speed adjustment, power and heat on/off switches, this is an affordable blade dryer that adapts to your every need. 

    It looks the part

    Available in sleek silver or white finishes, the Gorillo Pro will provide an instant style update to washroom facilities, as well as impeccable drying performance. 

    Approachable and easy to use, the glowing LED countdown timer is engaged when the sensors are activated, enabling people to see when they can remove their hands and allowing others to take their turn.

    Our three-year warranty

    This hand dryer comes with our enhanced level of quality assurance. Enjoy a year’s additional protection on top of our standard warranty, as well as free parts and labour in the first year after purchase. 

  • Noise Output
    70 - 75dB(A) at 1 Meter
    Operating Voltage
    220-240 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 1.3-1.6 KW
    Warm Air Speed Output
    90 - 95 m/s
    Air Output Temperature
    113F (45C) Ambient Temp. 68F (20C)
    Motor Type
    650W, Brushless Motor;
    Motor Thermal Protection
    Auto Resetting Thermostat turns unit off at 105C {221F}
    Switchable Heater Element
    Heater Thermal Protection
    Auto Resetting Thermostat turns unit off at 85C {185F};
    Thermal fuse cut unit off at 142C {288F}
    Drying Time
    10-12 seconds
    Circuit Operation
    Infrared Automatic, self adjusting
    Timing Protection
    30 seconds auto shut off
    Shower proof
    CLASS 1
    Net Weight
    10.5 kg [23.1 lbs]
    Product Wdith
    300 mm
    Product Height
    634 mm
    Product Depth
    220 mm
    3 Years (Full parts + labour)
    Package Depth
    37 cm
    Package Height
    29 cm
    Package Width
    74 cm
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