Our range of hand dryers suited for use in restrooms

Public restrooms are the main place where bacteria and infections spread, however you can eliminate this by installing one of our energy efficient hand dryers.

As they include innovative technology, it results in the units being powerful, eco-friendly and cost effective. Hand Driers typically cost less than 0.02p per use. This sheer quality of the units has resulted in us being accredited by The Carbon Trust. Some of our hand dryers have won awards due to the innovative technology that is used within them, such as the Gorillo Ultra has been recognised as the quietest in its class by The Noise Abatement Society.

Hand washing is now vitally important but so is hand drying. Research shows that drying your hands is just as important as hand washing in containing the spread of coronavirus. The pubic washroom needs modern, fast hand dryers to achieve this aim.

We have installed units in thousands of restrooms and public toilets across the UK, here are some examples…

Take a look at our exclusive range of hand dryers. Depending on your specific requirements, we have different ranges available such as high speed hand dryers, blade hand dryers and quiet hand dryers.