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NEW Automatic Hand Sanitisers

Automatic Hand Sanitisers

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends regular hand washing. Use soap or alcohol hand sanitiser and dry them thoroughly.

We are all being asked to become more alert to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Businesses need to provide ample cleaning and sanitisation facilities for staff and customers. Handy Dryers have created an exclusive range of free standing and wall mounted touch free sanitiser dispensers.

All our products are automatic and touch free. Designed and made to last. They work with any sanitiser or gel sanitiser product. So, they're highly cost effective over a long time period.

Reduce the spread of germs and absenteeism at work. Project your staff and make your customers feel safe.

Perfect for shops, offices, schools, factories and is an essential service in today's working environment. Proven to reduce the spread of pathogenic germs such as E. Coli, MRSA, Salmonella and Coronavirus.

Our range offers the highest quality of manufacturing. Designed with stylish looks and amazing functionality. Our solutions will work for you, your staff and customers to stay safe.


Hand Sanitiser UK Dispenser which offers an incredible iconic look.

The Sanillo is a state of the art touch free hand sanitiser station designed for use anywhere. They do not need mains power supply.

The Sanillo can dispense virtually any liquid from soap gels to more watery alcohol based liquids in consistant and reliable metered portions.

Pictured is the Sanillo free standing sanitiser option. The Sanillo also comes in a wall mountable soap dispenser option.

Sanillo Touch Free Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Sanillo Touch Free Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

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Sanillo Hand Sanitiser Holder with Stainless Steel Stand

Sanillo Automatic Hand Sanitiser with Stainless Steel Stand

Includes signage frame and 1L sanitiser liquid

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Sanillo Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Sanillo Touch Free Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

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Wall mounted and free standing

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Automatic Hand Sanitisers

We are advising all our customers to opt for hands free sanitisers as well as automatic hand dryers. We have built some special free standing equipment designed to accommodate our range. The stainless steel stands are built from the most expensive corrosion free 304 grade stainless steel. The bases are heavy and designed not to fall over, even when quite aggressively pushed making them ideal for schools.

Our dispensers are all hands free. Thye are either operated by sensors to detect your hands or, from a foot pedal like the Illo. We also have an additional unit that is designed to be fully outdoors and left there in any weather. The Coronavirus can be controlled and we have had our own specialists looking hard at ways to help our customers minimise their risk and the risks of their staff and customers. Please take a look at the excellent up to date articles in our BLOG.

Video Sanillo touch free sanitiser station

Sanillo automatic hand sanitisers. A touch free hand sanitiser station.

Hand sanitisers are now being recommended for most environments. They should be stationed at as many entrances and doorways as possible. People should be encouraged to sanitise their hands before they go to the toilet as well as afterwards. Therefore a hand sanitising station outside all restroom entrances is highly advised. Other sensible places to place units are in lift lobbies, all building entrances, outside and inside kitchen/coffee making areas, anywhere food is present and by every reception area.

Placing a sanitising dispenser outside, BEFORE anyone even gets near to your front door is an excellent idea. 

What actions should I take to minimise risk in public bathrooms?

  • If you need to go - opt for a larger public bathroom. These have more space for air circulation and make it easier to remain at an adequate distance from other people.
  • Avoid going into a bathroom stall directly after someone else – Try to leave 60 seconds to minimise the risk of toilet plume in the air and on surfaces.
  • Close the lid before flushing – This will significantly reduce the amount of toilet plume.
  • Wash your hands really well with soap and water and ensure they are dried properly with a good quality hand dryer.
  • Use hand sanitiser after washing your hands – hand sanitiser has been proven to be more effective than soap and water.
  • If available, wear sanitary gloves to avoid touching surfaces that are potentially contaminated with microbes.
  • Always wear a mask in a bathroom, to reduce risk of contracting airborne diseases.
  • Try to space yourself from others using the bathroom.
  • Look into UVC protection offered by the Sterillo Product range. UVC light is proven to kill 99.96% of airbourne germs and bacteria.

Sanillo 2 Automatic Hand Sanitiser

Why automatic hand sanitiser dispensers?

Automatic hand sanitiser dispensers and hand sanitiser stands are some of the most reliable and efficient hand sanitiser dispensers available. Users donít physically touch the dispenser. This reduces the chances of cross-contamination from occurring. The Sanillo automatic dispenser works by utilising the latest motion sensor technology. Simply need to wave their hands beneath sensor for it to work.

  • Automatic adjustable infrared sensor
  • Sensing distance adjustable
  • Powder coated finish; LED indicator
  • Cylindrical design, lock system on top to avoid being misused
  • Works with all types of sanitisation fluid, such as alcohol, alcohol gel or liquid sanitiser.
  • Wall or Stand mounted sanitiser station
Video Sanillo  2 touch free sanitiser station

Sanillo 2 touchfree sanitiser station.

Which Hand Sanitiser Dispenser or Station is the best?

The Covid 19 pandemic changed our world as we know it. We need to make new choices regarding how we work and how best to keep ourselves, our staff and our customers as safe as possible.