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Our range of hand dryers most suited for schools

It is essential to invest in quality school hand dryers to improve the washroom facilities. Our units are eco-friendly, powerful and hygienic.

One of the most common causes of sickness in schools is flu like symptoms. Our quality units can reduce this as they can prevent bacteria and germs from spreading in the air.

The pioneering technology used in them ensures that they are the best in their class. However, they also have low running costs, costing less than 0.02p per use.

We have installed units in schools across the UK, such as Ringwood Junior School. We installed one of our Kangarillo hand dryers, since then it has encouraged all of the children to wash their hands thoroughly. They have said that it doesn’t take as long to wash their hands as they dry quickly.

Elerillo Quiet ECO Hand Dryer
Elerillo Quiet ECO Hand Dryer
£139.99 + VAT
more info
  • Ultra Low Noise; only 69 dB
  • 304 military grade Stainless Steel; mirror polished
  • ECO credentials; adjusts own heater power
  • Amazing Contemporary Looks; Small Footprint
  • Drying time 10-15s
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Crocodillo T2 Blade Hand Dryer
Crocodillo T2 Blade Hand Dryer
£174.99 + VAT
more info
  • Smallest water collecting hand dryer in the world
  • Low noise 76dB: Great for schools and small children
  • Switchable heater and power settings
  • Washable air filter
  • Small wall footprint
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Crocodillo Blade Hand Dryer
Crocodillo Blade Hand Dryer
£124.99 + VAT
more info
  • Low noise 76dB : Great for schools and small children
  • Switchable heater and power settings
  • Washable air filter
  • Small wall footprint
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Pandarillo Blade Hand Dryer
Sold out
Pandarillo Blade Hand Dryer
£99.99 + VAT
more info
  • Latest Air Technology: Blade low noise air science
  • Including Internal HEPA filter: All dirty air particles filtered out
  • ECO air sensor: Auto heat adjustment
  • Automatic operation
  • Switchable air heater: Switchable power modes
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Hand dryers for schools

When it comes to choosing a school hand dryer, there are several types available on the market. Here are some factors to consider:

Traditional hand dryers: These are the most common type of hand dryers found in older school facilities. They use electric heating elements to produce warm air that dries the hands. They are usually wall-mounted and cheap to buy but they have higher running costs as they use a lot of energy to heat the element. They also have slower drying times than modern hand dryers as they often take 30 seconds to dry the hands.

High-speed hand dryers: High-speed hand dryers are designed to dry hands quickly by blowing a very powerful stream of air at over 200mph. They are more energy-efficient than traditional dryers and can reduce drying time significantly. Some models are quite loud which can be an issue with younger pupils. However quieter models use adjustable airflow and heating options to reduce sound and save energy.

Jet air hand dryers: Jet air hand dryers are a type of high-speed dryers but use a concentrated and powerful jet of air to dry hands quickly. They typically have a nozzle or blade design that focuses the airflow onto the hands, effectively removing moisture.

Hand Dryers for schools
Hand Dryers for schools image of pupils

Hybrid hand dryers: Most dryers are hybrid hand dryers which combine the benefits of both warm air and high-speed drying. They use a combination of warm air and a high-velocity airflow to dry hands efficiently. These dryers can be energy-efficient while providing a quick drying experience. They often have a facility to switch off the heating element to save money which can be especially useful in the warmer summer months.

Touchless hand dryers: Touchless hand dryers have become increasingly popular in schools due to their hygienic design. They use infrared sensors to detect the presence of hands and automatically start the drying process. Touchless operation helps reduce the spread of germs and bacteria.

Eco-friendly hand dryers: Eco-friendly hand dryers are designed to minimize energy consumption and promote sustainability for the school. They often feature energy-efficient motors, low-power heating elements, and adjustable settings to reduce energy usage.

When selecting a hand dryer for a school, factors to consider include drying efficiency, noise levels, energy consumption, durability, hygiene features, and maintenance requirements. It's also essential to comply with any local regulations and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessibility requirements. Consult the customer support team at Handy Dryers for help in choosing the most suitable hand dryer option for your school.


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