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Meerillo Recessed Hand Dryer with Drip Stone

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Meerillo Recessed Hand Dryer with Drip Stone

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  • Water-absorbing recessed hand dryer
  • Touchless technology and easy to clean stainless steel casing
  • Zero risk of water staining walls or lingering odours
  • High-power drying with low-level noise
  • HEPA filter for greater hygiene
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  • Water-absorbing recessed hand dryer
  • Touchless technology and easy to clean stainless steel casing
  • Zero risk of water staining walls or lingering odours
  • High-power drying with low-level noise
  • HEPA filter for greater hygiene

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Manuals & Tech Spec

The Meerillo. The water-absorbing recessed hand dryer.

As far as recessed hand dryers go, the Meerillo's is unique. A discreet and porous ceramic drip stone positioned directly under the dryer's air outflow soaks up water blasted from wet hands in an instant - it's a sponge-like stone.

The dryer's air jets then work to evaporate the locked-in moisture every time the dryer is activated. The result? No dirty water on walls, floors or the dryer itself. And no mould or grime from stagnant water.

The Meerillo's maintenance-friendly design lets you remove the stone quickly and simply for easy cleaning. A sophisticated and discreet drip-free water capture system, recessed high speed dryers don't come more advanced than the Meerillo.

Minimises mess - the next generation of drip-free hand dryers

Nothing looks more unsightly than a stained bathroom wall - limescale, dirt and streaks of water leave a lot to be desired. Sadly, only a handful of facilities managers consider protecting their walls with a splashback panel before they install a powerful hand dryer - although even this can risk looking less than glamorous.

Thankfully, the Meerillo provides the perfect drip-free solution, and it does away with the need to buy and install extra protection for your washroom wall.

Thanks to the Meerillo's absorbent layer of integrated ceramic, stray water droplets from users' hands are soaked into microscopic pores and then evaporated by the dryer's air stream.

Maximises space

In busy bathrooms, minimising the amount of wall-clutter is crucial to providing a good user experience, which is why recessed power hand dryers are becoming increasingly popular in public lavatories and toilets inside busy commercial buildings.

Logically, the fewer bulky and unnecessary obstructions there are on the washroom wall, the easier it is for crowds to flow through your facilities briskly and smoothly.

Sitting inside a neat wall recess and peeking out by a matter of millimetres into your washroom, the Meerillo's discreet design save space and lend your facilities distinctive design appeal.

Say hello to the hygiene machine

Waging war on bacteria and cross-contamination in the washroom is one of the most important responsibilities of a facilities manager. A speedy, recessed steel turbo dryer - the Meerillo provides them with the ultimate weapon.

Removing moisture from wet hands effectively destroys a major habitat for harmful bathroom pathogens, reducing the likelihood of infections developing on the skin and being passed on outside the washroom. The Meerillo includes a HEPA filter to clean the air as it is drawn into the dryer.

The Meerillo's 20,000 RPM high speed motor enables it to blast air out at 90 m/s, eliminating all traces of moisture in as little as 7 seconds. What's more, its 305 stainless steel casing provides a complex surface structure that acts as a natural deterrent to bacteria, and is easy to keep clean with a damp cloth and natural detergent.

Combined with touch-free infrared sensor activation, this dryer was designed to be a real germ-buster.

Our two-year warranty

This hand dryer comes with our seal of quality approval and a two-year warranty, including free parts and labour should you need it repaired within the first year of purchase.

Manuals & Tech Spec

Meerillo Recessed Hand Dryer with Drip Stone

Meerillo Recessed User Manual
Meerillo Recessed Data Sheet

Technical Specification

Height (mm) 530 mm
Width (mm) 265 mm
Depth (mm) 180 mm
Net Weight (kg) 14 kg
Protection Class IPX1
Operating Power (V, Hz, kW) AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz
Air Speed Output (m/s) 90 m/s
Motor Speed (rpm) 20,000rpm
Drying (s) 7-12 seconds
Sensor Range (mm) 120 mm ± 30 mm
Noise Level (at 1m) 75dB

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