The Perfect Choices For Your Pub & Restaurant Hand Dryer Needs

The Perfect Choices For Your Pub And Restaurant Hand Dryer Needs.

Every pub or restaurant hand dryer will have its own requirements. There will always be keys features that are needed to make sure that both your customers and your staff are not put off from coming to your establishment. Here at Handy Dryers we would be confident that each and every one of our products would be a perfect fit for your needs. We have picked out just a few that we feel will really make your place stand out from the crowd.

Sterillo Uno

Whilst not a hand dryer, we can’t help but recommend the Sterillo Uno to every pub and restaurant in the country. The Sterillo Uno is a fantastic piece of equipment which eliminates odours and kills germs, meaning that your pub or restaurant washroom will be a pleasant place for your customers to use and also mean that no part of your pub or restaurant will be a no go zone that customers don’t want to be seated or stood at.