Airbox V2 ECO hand dryer

Airbox V2 ECO hand dryer

The new ECO revolution in quiet hand drying is here.

Quiet & Heat is now yours to control...

Handy Dryers is always listening to our customers; evolving and changing with your wants and needs.

Within our QUIET evolution we are delighted to bring you the new Airbox V2 ECO hand dryer with inbuilt motor speed, sound and heat control functions.

Allowing you to reduce noise emissions to as low as 60DB, as well as also giving you complete control over the heat output.

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Lower sound output than ever before AND up to a 60% reduction in power consumption too.

Despite the AirBOX V2ís fantastically low price, the quality of components used inside this dryer ensure that the unit runs effortlessly and offers the top-notch reliability that our customers rightly expect of our hand dryers.

  • Sound and Speed control for extra quiet settings
  • Eco function to switch off heat element and conserve energy
Video Airbox V2 quiet dryer

Airbox V2 ECO and quiet hand dryer demonstration.

Airbox V2 quiet dryer installation

AirBOX V2 product highlights and installation video

Look inside the Airbox V2 to review its performance highlights and the easy installation procedure.

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