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All you need to know - Blade Hand Dryers

Blade hand dryers

What is a blade hand dryer?

Unlike traditional hand dryers, blade hand dryers are designed to blast water off of wet hands with force and precision, via a blade nozel.

The air from the dryer is directed through a thin slot shaped channel, which helps enhance the speed and direction of the warm air directly onto the users' hands, resulting in faster dry times and less energy wastage.

Blade hand dryers - all you need to know

Why should I choose a blade dryer?

Blade hand dryers are designed for speed and longevity, so whether you are the user or the bill payer, a blade hand dryer will benefit you and the space it is in.

Faster drying means lower energy costs. With dry times of 10 seconds and under, our blade units can lower annual energy costs.

Boasting the most advance technology on the market, our blade dryers are designed to be modern, compact and super robust. Both internal motors and outers casings can withstand vigorous use and long-term, provide better performance and require less maintenance.

Are blade dryers ECO friendly?

Adjustable heat elements, motion sensors and lighting fast dry times, all contribute towards the ECO functionality of our dryers.

Turning down the heat element or power input on any dryer will save you up-to 65% of the running cost but lower input does not been lower performance.

Our super modern illo hand dryer by Veltia will give you over 1700 per 1 when used on it's lowest power setting... impressive or what!

State-of-the-art motion sensors help eliminate waste energy by shutting off as soon as hands are pull away from the dryer. Paired with ultra fast dry times, these ECO features not only help lower running costs but also aid the lowering of your carbon footprint.

Blade hand dryers - all you need to know

Are blade dryers ECO noisy?

We agree that there is nothing more off putting than the roar of a hand dryer in an open washroom and for that reason we are proud to be able to offer blade dryers with some of the lowest decibel ratings on the market!

Awarded our Extra Quiet mark for operating at just 70 decibels during usage, the Gorillo Ultra is an ideal investment for noise-sensitive environments such as conference facilities, performance spaces and commercial office buildings.


Hands Under Blade Dryers

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