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How to install a hand dryer

If you’ve never fitted a hand dryer by yourself before, you’re in the right place. To make your hand dryer installation an absolute breeze, follow our simple six-step guide. 

Hand dryer installation in 6 simple steps

Step 1: Time to unpack

First things first – open the box containing your new hand dryer, remove any extra packaging and locate the hand dryer Installation Instructions. You should also locate the paper mounting template (you’ll need this to complete Step 4). 

Step 2: Get tooled-up

You’ll need to find and lay out the bolts, screws, washers and any other tools which were included with the dryer. It’s also a good idea to have your own toolkit to hand when you install a dryer – an electric drill and screwdriver will help you make quick work of fitting it to the wall.

Remember, the tools and fixings you’ll need will vary depending on the material the wall is made of – so make sure you research this first. 

Step 3: Know the right dryer height

When considering how to install a hand dryer,  bear in mind that the ideal mounting height varies a little between male and female washrooms. 

Here in the UK, average female height is around 5’3” (160cm) and average male height is around (175cm), so mark out a space on the wall which is around 110–114 cm from the floor. This will cater for most users. 

As well as the height of your dryer, you’ll also need ensure that it isn’t too close to an exit door or another washroom appliance – this helps to avoid bottlenecks and overcrowding inside the room. 

Step 4: You know the drill

When you’ve decided where to install the dryer, mark out the locations of each mounting bolt and drill the holes. To make sure you drill accurately, it’s best to use the paper mounting template that came with the Instructions.

Step 5: Down to the wires

Following the hand dryer wiring diagram in the Installation Instructions, and adhering to the UK wiring regulations, connect the wire terminals at the back or underside of your dryer unit to the mains electricity supply. Now that all the wires on your dryer are connected to a power supply, you can bolt the dryer unit to the wall. 

Step 6: Save the face for last 

Now we’ve covered how to install a hand dryer, all that’s left are the finishing touches: 

Firstly, fit the external dryer casing over the top of the dryer unit loosely, making sure the air nozzle goes through the outlet hole. 

Using the correct allen key or screwdriver, screw the dryer casing firmly (but not too tightly) into place. 

Now wipe down the wall and hand dryer unit with a damp cloth to remove any dust from the area. 

Finally, now that your hand dryer installation is complete, dispose of the discarded packaging and keep the User Manual and Installation Instructions in a safe place.

How to install a hand dryer

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