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Not a Dyson Airblade

The Dyson Airblade was first launched in the UK in 2006, as a new electric-powered hand dryer that dries hands through its powerful velocity blade of air. The Dyson Airblade helped kickstart a revolutionary way to dry our hands in washrooms, it helped set new standards for hygiene, performance, and sustainability. The Dyson Aiblade dries hands in under 12 seconds whilst removing 99% of bacteria in the air.

The idea behind the Dyson Airblade came about when Sir James Dyson was using a conventional hand dryer in the late 1990s and became frustrated due to its lack of efficiency and effectiveness. He saw an opportunity to reimagine the hand-drying experience and set out to create a better solution.

What made the Dyson Airblade different?

The Dyson Airblade introduced a groundbreaking hands-in way to dry hands, instead of using warm air to evaporate moisture from wet hands, it used high-speed sheets of unheated and unfiltered air to wipe away water droplets off hands in just seconds. This unique approach helped provide both a faster and more efficient drying experience as well as reduced energy consumption compared to the hand dryers commonly used at the time.

The Airblade’s powerful motor meant that hot air wasn’t needed, making it more eco-friendly, but also more hygienic too as the Dyson Airblade didn’t produce any warm germ-spreading air.

Advancements and Variations

Over the years, Dyson continued to refine and enhance the Airblade technology to further improve performance and hygiene. The Airblade models over the years include AB01, AB03, Airblade mk2, Airblade V, AB14, and 9KJ, each offering different sizes and designs, as well as performance features, such as reduced noise.

End of an era

For unknown reasons, Dyson decided to call it a day in 2021 and discontinued the AB14, the last of their range of hands-in Airblade hand dryers, replacing it with the Airblade 9KJ.

Airblade Alternatives

If you’re looking for alternatives to the Dyson Airblade we’ve got you covered. Look no further than the Gorillo range, our fantastic range of world-class hands-in hand dryers.

Meet the Gorillo range

Designed especially for high-use washrooms, our Gorillo hand dryers provide an excellent and efficient hands-in drying experience. Gorillo hand dryers add some style to your washroom as well as improved hygiene by stopping the spread of nasty germs and bacteria.

Some key performance features:

  • Drying soaking hands in under 10 seconds - an incredible, powerful and efficient drying performance.
  • It costs just £15 a year to run, making it one of the most cost-effective hand dryers on the market. Switch the heat element off and the motor power to low to save even
    more energy.
  • Operating at just 70dB, the Gorillo Ultra is perfect for noise-sensitive environments.
  • The Gorillo Ultra cleans while it works thanks to its integrated UV-C lamps which cast a sterilising glow over hands whilst they dry, rendering bacteria harmless.
  • Reduce the spread of harmful diseases in your washroom with the Gorillo Ultra’s in-built HEPA filter.
  • Keep your washroom odour-free, the Gorillo Ultra has concealed water collection tank so that stagnant water can be collected without splashes or spillages, keeping it all locked away until the tank is ready to be emptied.
  • The Gorillo Ultra is built for durability, its brushless motors are longer-lasting, generate no friction, produce less heat and provide better performance.
  • Liven up your washroom with a sleek and stylish hand dryer. Gorillo is incredibly user-friendly, it has a glowing LED countdown timer as soon as the sensors are activated to tell users when they can remove their hands.
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Gorillo Junior range

Gorillo Pro range

Make your Gorillo hand dryer last longer with our Gorillo spare parts

It can be frustrating when something goes wrong with your hand dryer, and even more so when your hand dryer happens to be a discontinued model, making it harder to find spare parts if you're looking to fix your current hand dryer and not buy a new one.

Fear not, we can help! We have a range of spare parts available, from motherboard replacements to covers, HEPA filters, air filters, splashback panels and more to give your hand dryer a longer life.

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