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The Armadillo ECO Hand Dryer

Armadillo ECO Hand Dryer


No stranger to hard work

Engineered for strength and reliability over a long lifespan, the Armadillo ECO is made with the most durable materials available and is capable of withstanding constant use.

Ulra Quiet Armadillo ECO Hand Dryer

Ultra quiet

There is no compromise when it comes to power and noise with the Armadillo ECO. Simple switch functions allow you to not only switch off the heat element for an ultra ECO dry but also turn down the power of the dryer, which will result in a dry time of roughly 15 seconds at an amazingly low 60dB at 1x meter.

High Speed Armadillo ECO Hand Dryer

High speed

Fitted with highly advanced airflow technology, the Armadillo ECO Hand Dryer offers amazing dry times of around 8-10 seconds when on full power. At 69dB, this provides a super quick and ultra low volume dry!

Easy to accomadate Armadillo ECO Hand Dryer

Easy to accomadate

The Armadillo is easy to install even in the smallest of bathrooms. It's wall plate is sized at just 295 x 320 x 165mm. At such a compact size, this hand dryer could open up a world of possibilities during a bathroom refurbishment.

Stylish colour options Armadillo ECO Hand Dryer

Stylish colour options

The Armadilloís complementary stainless steel armour isnít just tough, itís a stunning sight to behold but if polished stainless steel isn't right for you, then the Armadillo ECO is also available in black and white.

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