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The Kangarillo Range - Pure Power

The Kangarillo Hand Dryer Range

The Kangarillo Hand Dryer Range

The Kangarillo range is quickly becoming the most recognisable hand dryer brand in the UK, and there’s good reason for it too. The Kangarillo hand dryers combine efficiency, cost-effectiveness and durability.

Within the range, there is our latest Kangarillo 2 ECO, Kangarillo High Velocity and Kangarillo Ultra. Each Kangarillo produces a simply incredible hand drying experience like no other.

Why is the Kangarillo so popular?

The Kangarillo allows you to dry your hands at ultra-fast speeds as if there’s a mini tornado inside the hand dryer. Using innovative drying technology, we’ve created a hand dryer that is pure power, but without the roar. The Kangarillo’s powerful motor produces the same speeds as a Lamborghini Murciélago, whilst minimising the noise to just 75dB, the same level as two people having a conversation!

The Kangarillo range is a great option for tight budgets, with 1000 dries working out to a minuscule 33p, making it more than ideal for businesses that are extremely busy, such as restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels, etc. With a hand dryer as effective as the Kangarillo, there’s no need to stock up on power towels.

The Kangarillo’s modern and sleek stainless steel (polished or brushed) outer shell creates some elegance and style in your washroom. Not only are the outer shells aesthetically pleasing to look at, but they are also extremely tough, protecting your washrooms from vandals.

What can each Kanagrillo do?

Kangarillo 2 ECO

  • The Kangarillo 2 is advanced in every way, it takes everything about the Kangarillo High Velocity to the next level.
  • Dry soaking hands in just 8 seconds. The upgraded 600W motor creates a swirling airflow tornado at 245mph.
  • Pure power, but incredibly smart too - its ECO air sensor detects the ambient temperature of the washroom, then automatically adjusts the airflow temperature, allowing you to keep costs
    right down.
  • Kangarillo 2 ECO is designed with your facility's budget in mind. It uses as little as 0.6kW per use, making it a super smart addition to any washroom, particularly businesses that experience a lot
    of footfall.
  • Kangarillo 2 ECO’s design has been enhanced with softer contours for an even more aesthetically pleasing hand dryer, and coming in either polished or brushed 304 stainless steel and black or white powder-coated finishes make the Kangarillo 2 blend in with any interior aesthetic.

Kangarillo High Velocity

  • The original Kangarillo is a powerful machine, capable of drying hands in under 12 seconds at the same speeds a Lamborghini Murciélago does.
  • The Kangarillo High Velocity uses advanced airflow technology, meaning it can push out ultra-fast speeds whilst keeping the noise to a hush of 75dB - barely above background noise in
    a restaurant.
  • Kangarillo’s tough stainless steel outer shell is super easy to clean and keep hygienic, the casing makes it extremely difficult for grime to stick, so you can say goodbye to pesky germs and bacteria in your washroom!
  • The Kangarillo is small enough to fit into washrooms where space might be an issue, resulting in a stylish and functional washroom.
  • Kangarillo is an ideal solution for facilities with strict budgets, such as schools and universities, costing as little as 33p per 1000 dries.

Kangarillo Ultra

  • Get bone-dry hands in as little as 8 seconds with the Kangarillo Ultra, minimising waiting times in washrooms, which is ideal for offices where people haven’t got the time to wait around.
  • The clue is in the name… The Kangarillo Ultra is well, ultra fast! Its 750W motor is a beast delivering a powerful 245mph storm of air. Kangarillo Ultra doesn’t just whip water away from hands, it also blasts dust and dirt away, something most appliances don’t do.
  • Kangarillo Ultra’s inbuilt HEPA filter minimises the spread of harmful diseases by catching human waste particles that float in the air of even the cleanest washrooms.
  • Kangarillo Ultra is ultra-smart too. Just like Kangarillo 2 ECO it has an ECO air sensor to detect the ambient washroom temperature and then automatically adjust the airflow temperature to keep your running costs down.
  • Kangarillo Ultra is ultra-tough, even though it’s a sight to behold, the Ultra has more to it than just its looks. The stainless steel outer casing is 1.8mm thick, resulting in exceptional longevity and making it incredibly difficult to damage.

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