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AirBox V2 - Power that pays!

Airbox V2 hand dryer Power that pays


The AirBox V2 is first of its kind thanks to the wide range of ECO functions, compact design and unbeatable dB levels that the unit offers.

The powerful motor inside the AirBOX V2, produces drying speed of over 220mph, blasting wet hands dry in a matter of seconds!

It's compact design makes this dryer an ideal choice for washrooms with a smaller footprint. Small yet mighty, the V2 uses the latest ECO technology to reduce running costs and help keep the planet green.

These factors combined, contribute to the popularity of this amazing hand dryer...


Speed and sound controllable

The AirBox V2 comes with speed and sound controls, which enables you to reduce the noise levels down to an amazing 67dB. This makes the AirBox V2 one of the quietest hand dryers available on the market today.

ECO drying

It's ECO functionality allows users to turn the heat element off completely, which in-turn can save you over 60% of the energy costs. On a cool dry, the AirBox V2 will dry wet hands in around 20-25 seconds.

Compact design

Taking up just 256 x 173mm of wall space, the AirBOX V2 is ideal for smaller washrooms. It's compact and modern design makes this unit a popular choice with pubs, restaurants and cafes as it allows them to have more than one dryer in a single washroom.

Two-year warranty

This hand dryer comes with our seal of quality approval and a two-year warranty, including free parts and labour should you need it repaired within the first year of purchase.

Video Airbox V2 hand dryer

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