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Dogs for Autism testing hand dryers

puppy training school

Who are Dogs for Autism

Dogs for Autism is a great cause. They are a small charity that will train and provide assistance dogs to autistic individuals of all ages creating a special bond, and providing the autistic with the best possible support. The dogs they provide help people access the world easier and expand their horizons. These four-legged heroes help to bring comfort, assistance, and independence to individuals and families affected by autism.

Dogs for Autism’s assistance dogs are specifically trained and are carefully selected and go through lots of training to develop specialised skills. These amazing canines are taught to provide forms of assistance tailored to the unique needs of each individual. They are trained to respond to cues, interrupt repetitive behaviours, offer deep pressure therapy during moments of distress, and even aid in tracking and locating individuals who may wander off, ensuring their safety.

Dogs for Autism’s overall aim is to “empower autistic people to realise their individual potential, improve their access to their chosen communities, and to enhance their emotional and physical wellbeing.” The charity works closely with families, providing them with valuable resources, education, and ongoing support. Through their efforts, Dogs for Autism helps reduce stigmas associated with autism and highlights the abilities and potential of individuals on the spectrum.

Puppy under Kangarillo hand dryer

How did Handy Dryers help?

Dogs for Autism recently had a charity event where they created a puppy training school. Part of the puppy training school involves the installation of a disabled toilet, including two hand dryers inside, which is where we come in!

We’re delighted that we were asked to provide Dogs for Autism with 3 hand dryers for their event so that the puppies can get used to the sounds. They needed two that were louder and one that was quieter so we supplied them with two of the powerful Kangarillo’s and one AirBOX V2 which has sound control. We love that our hand dryers were used for such an amazing cause.

Puppy training

Kangarillo - the tiny tornado

  • Dry your hands at lightning-quick speeds, resulting in bone-dry hands in a matter
    of seconds.
  • Built to last - the Kangarillo is super durable and the perfect option for facilities with strict budgets.
  • Small enough for tiny washrooms - if space is an issue, then fear not, the Kangarillo can squeeze into any washroom without an issue.
  View Kangarillo

AirBOX V2 - control the speed and sound to your liking

  • The AirBOX V2 is speed and sound-controllable, capable of performing at just 170W. Reduce the noise to as little as 67dB, making it perfect for users who are noise sensitive.
  • Low-cost, high-performance - save up to 60% of energy by turning off the heat element with eco functionality. The AirBOX V2 is a great addition to busy washrooms, suitable to meet any budget.
  • Sleek and small, the AirBOX V2’s small stature means that it can fit into any washroom and is ideal for washrooms where more than one hand dryer is required.

Puppy training with Kangarillo and AirBOX V2

  View AirBOX V2

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