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Top 5 Quiet Hand Dryers in 2023

We have reviewed our Quiet hand dryers range to help you select the best hand dryer for your washroom. Quiet hand dryers are particilarly useful in offices and schools where the noise can impact on surounding rooms.

1. Best value quiet hand dryer

Low cost, high performance 

Leading-edge dryer technology shouldn’t cost the earth. 

Despite the AirBOX V2’s fantastically low price, the quality of components used inside this dryer ensure that the unit runs effortlessly and offers the top-notch reliability that our customers rightly expect of our hand dryers.

Speed and Energy Controllable

Eco functionality to turn the heat element off to save over 60% of the energy. Further energy savings can be achieved by reducing the motor speed.

Sound Controllable

Controllable speed and sound feature to enable noise reduction down to as low as 67dB. Energy usage on the lowest setting is just 170W.

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Airbox V2 ECO Hand Dryer
AirBOX V2 Sound Control Hand Dryer

2. Best quiet hands in hand dryer

Quietly does it

Awarded our Extra Quiet mark for operating at just 70 decibels during usage, this dryer is the ideal investment for noise-sensitive environments such as conference facilities, performance spaces and commercial office buildings. 

Cleans while it works

Harnessing the power of germicidal light rays, the Gorillo Ultra’s integrated UV-C lamps cast a sterilising glow over the hands as it dries them, rendering the majority of bacteria and other harmful organisms harmless.

Collects water drips, with no fuss

Unlike the Dyson hands in dryer, the Gorillo Ultra has been designed with a concealed water collection tank, enabling surplus water drips to be collected without splashes or spillages. 

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Gorillo Ultra Hand Dryer
Gorillo Ultra - Powerful and affordable hands in dryer

3. Best premium quiet hands dryer

The illo by Veltia dryer

  • At 66dB, it means amazingly quiet.
  • True ECO credentials and able to operate efficiently using only 0.6kW of power per hour and thats about 4,000 hand drying cycles for under 1.00.
  • H13 HEPA filter cleans every air particle of 99.9% of the bacteria.
  • 100% CUSTOMISABLE with easily changeable front covers
  • ZEROSMELL: Reduces bad odours with fragrance and smell deactivating gel
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illo Hand Dryer


Video Illo Premium quite hand dryer

4. Most popular dryer with children

The Elerillo - Faster drying times

The Elerillo is our latest small footprint wall hand dryer only 270 mm wide and packing an impressive list of credentials including an 8 second hand drying speed from a wider nozzle that that drives plentiful warm air out at over 64m/s.

Ultra Low Noise

Equipped with a wide nozzle, noise is massively reduced to only 69 dB whilst the maximising the airflow. Especially ideal for smaller hands in schools and nurseries.

Smarter ECO Efficiency

This dryer is designed with your facilities budget in mind. Inexpensive to buy and at only 1.2kW it is a low energy model. The ECO Air Sensor detects the ambient temperature of your washroom, then automatically adjust the airflow temperature to keep running costs right down. 

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Elerillo Quiet ECO Hand Dryer
Elerillo Eco - Ultra Low Noise; only 69 dB

5. Best selling quite hand dryer

Armadillo ECO - Built to last

Engineered for strength and reliability over a long lifespan, the Armadillo ECO is made with the most durable materials we could source.

Sound and Speed Controllable

The Motors power operation is adjustable to save energy and allow the noise level to be adjustable to between 63-70dB(A)

Hygiene built in as standard

The Armadiilo ECO contains a HEPA filter to clean air inside the dryer and prevent the spread of germs inside the washroom.

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Armadillo ECO Hand Dryer
Armadillo ECO Hand Dryer with HEPA filter


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