Commercial Hand Dryers

Commercial Hand Dryers

Have you ever had that sinking feeling as you approach yet another ineffectual hand dryer?  We have a full range of hand dryers to suite your every bathroom, Commercial or otherwise. With cutting edge technology, our hand dryers blow away the competition and leave your hands dry as a bone. Hygienic and quiet, and less than 0.02p per use

It is no longer acceptable for hand dryers to whine away using up endless amounts of electricity and taking an eternity to 'almost' dry your hands. Today we all demand a far better performance, lower energy consumption, enhanced features and most importantly sensible operating costs. The Handy Dryers range of hand dryers are designed specifically with performance, reliability and the environment in mind and feature exceptional innovations such as brushless motors, water collection and air sterilisation.

Airports, service stations, bars and restaurants the length and breadth of the country have begun to install a new generation of faster more powerful hand dryers. No longer do you have to wait for the water to slowly evaporate; now you can watch it visibly blown from your hands. Using electric hand dryers is cost efficient; friendlier to the environment and most importantly of all – they work.

Which style to choose? Our Handy Dryers range is deliberately small but still covers the entire market place for almost any possible solution and they are all extremely eco-conscious. Each dryer has a 2 or 5 year warranty as standard.

Today, hygiene is more important than ever and nowhere more so than in the washroom.  It is a known fact that school wash rooms use less hand towels per child than would be expected.  Why is this?  Simple really, children often don’t wash their hands and therefore don’t need to dry them!  Unhygienic and stomach churning, however, true.  Boys wash their hands even less often than girls – also true. Recent surveys have conclusively shown that when high speed dryers are introduced to school toilets, the rate of use far exceeds that of either hand towels or the old fashioned slow hand dryers.

We now offer a range of blade hand dryers from the Gorillo, which compares very favorable to Dyson’s Airblade with comparable drying time but greatly reduced noise and a built in water collection tank.  The Dyson Airblade may have started the hands-in dryer revolution – but the Gorillo, at half the price, a 5 year warranty and better features has the final word.

In the high speed hand dryer division we feature both the Kangarillo and vandal proof Armadillo wall units.  Both made from top grade stainless steel and designed for high volume washrooms.  The Excel Xlerator is nice but is it worth almost three times the price?  Our superb dryers do the same job, cost less to run and are far quieter in operation.

Many businesses are now finding that rental of washroom equipment is no longer the most cost effective or efficient way to go.  With desirable, reliable drying units now so easily available at such cost effective prices, the argument for expensive rental agreements has become weaker and weaker with more and more businesses and schools opting to purchase their own equipment.  The rental model works best when servicing and reliability are factors.  Now that reliability is superb – renting is simply paying 2 or 3 times the price for no real benefit.

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