ECO Friendly Hand Dryers - Do They Exist?


Here at Handy Dryers we take pride in being a carbon trust accredited supplier and work closely with a variety of suppliers and customers to ensure that we are as ECO friendly as we can be and produce hand dryers that are ECO friendly. 

The environmentally friendly hand dryers that we produce are not the only friendly on the earth but also friendly on the pocket thanks to the significant cost savings that can be made by installing one in place of paper towels or an old, out-dated hand dryer that relies on hot air to dry hands slowly. An average size company will spend approximately £2000 on paper towels per year whilst after the initial purchase of a hand dryer it will cost on average £60 per year to run. This significant cost saving also has huge environmental benefits as not only do paper towels cause massive waste but the production of them also impacts the environment in the uprooting of trees, fossil fuels used in manufacturing and the carbon footprint in moving products around.