‘My dryer isn’t heating’ – a handy troubleshooting guide

‘My dryer isn’t heating’ – a handy troubleshooting guide

Hand dryers are usually very robust, but – like all modern technology – they do require a spot of maintenance from time to time. 

‘My dryer isn’t heating’ is one of the most common hand dryer queries we receive – but it is often one of the simplest issues to resolve. 

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to help you establish why your dryer isn’t heating, and what can be done about it. 

My dryer isn’t heating: step-by-step troubleshooting

1. Know what type of dryer you’re running

Even if your dryer doesn’t produce hot air, there may be nothing wrong with it. Many modern, high-powered hand dryers don’t rely on water evaporation as a primary means of drying users’ hands.

By using intense air pressure alone, most blade and high speed dryer models can blast water from the hands in a matter of seconds, completely bypassing the need for a heating element. 

Before performing any maintenance investigations, make sure you check that your dryer was meant to produce heat in the first place. 

2. Check your dryer’s manual settings

If you’ve established that your dryer does have a heater, the next step is to check the manual settings inside the dryer. 

Many dryers come with economy settings these days, so check to see if there are any switches underneath the unit or on the circuit board which enable you to initiate the heating element of your machine. 

3. Make the right connection

If you’ve made it to the third step, you may have a problem – but it may still be easy to solve.

On rare occasions, the connection between the heating element and the dryer’s circuit board may come loose, meaning that no power is being sent to the heater. Taking the necessary safety precautions, try to reconnect the heater to the circuit board. 

If none of these steps has helped, it’s a good idea to check with the manufacturer, who may be able to help you with further troubleshooting advice or supply you with a new heating element for your dryer.

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