NEC Birmingham Case Study

NEC Birmingham Case Study

The NEC approached Handy Dryers in early 2016 to ask our opinion on converting from using paper towels in all of their washrooms throughout the entire Exhibition Centre in Birmingham to hand dryers.  They were part way through a major refurbishment and wanted hand dryers that met the following criteria:

Hard wearing and long lasting

Effective at drying hands

Low noise

Good looking

Cost effective

Economical running costs

We discussed several options and indeed they had already examined some including offerings by Dyson, Xellerator and World Dryers.  The selection process was very vigorous and thorough and after initial talks, several Handy Dryers units were selected for testing – both wall mounted hands under and hands in units.

Ultimately, it was felt that most of the well known brands fell down in two important areas:

1. They were all most all extremely noisy

2. Most, including the Dyson Airblade evacuated the waste water onto the floor causing a whole bunch of additional washroom health and safety issue to deal with.

Ultimately, the decision was made to select the Handy Dryers Gorillo Ultra.  The key benefits were:

Very low noise and accredited by the Noise Abatement Society - Quiet Hand Dryers 

Low power usage combined with fast drying times and accredited by the Carbon Trust

All waste water collected internally – no mess or slip hazards

HEPA filter

Economical Purchase price

Fast delivery to site.

The NEC placed an order for 450 units. They were delivered in Spring 2016 and fitted soon afterwards.  In their 1st year of operation, there has not been a single machine failure and the NEC Group and their users are having a very positive experience.  The attached letter was written to Handy Dryers in 2016.

Handy Dryers Post Installation Report

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